Sea of Thieves FOV Increase Tool (Get 120 FOV in SOT) 2023

Sea of Thieves FOV Changer free download 2023

If you are struggling in a sea of thieves, we have a simple fix called fov changer for you. This fov changer is free to download and use. You can quickly get up to 120 FOV in Sea of thieves.

Sea of thieves Fov changer can help you prevent bad headaches because of low Fov in the sea of thieves. I have been using it because I was getting seasick while playing the game.

So I decided to use this tool, and it helped me reduce headaches and help me enjoy the game even more. Also, this tool made me a better player in SOT.

SOT FOV ChangerTool Info
VersionWorks with latest version.

Sea of Thieves FOV Changer Features

  • Undetected
  • Free to use
  • Changes FOV up to 120.
  • Simple GUI Version.

This sea of thieves fov changer has been tested multiple times for over a week now, and it’s working fine. It won’t give you a ban because it doesn’t hack the game.

Working of Sea of Thieves FOV Changer?

This tool simply modifies the field of view in SOT and can help you get better in the game. It changes the FOV values to get you a better view of the game, enabling you to reduce headaches.

How to increase FOV in Sea of Thieves?

  1. Download the sot fov changer from below.
  2. Now launch the sea of thieves.
  3. Run the hack exe.
  4. Set your preferred FOV. I will suggest 120 max.
  5. You need to die or respawn for it to work.

Download Sea of Thieves FOV Changer Free