Sea of Thieves Hacks External ESP, and More Undetected 2022

Sea of Thieves External ESP, Aimbot, Undetected 2022

sea of thieves hack free

Sea of Thieves is an online action game made by Rare. The main aim is you are a pirate, you have to complete voyages and become the Ultimate Pirate in the game. Sea of thieves is widely played among players So I have decided to release a sea of thieves hacks on the site. 

Hello everyone if you are looking at how to hack sea of thieves or how to use esp hack sea of thieves. then you have come to the right place because today I am here with a new and great ESP only hack for Sea of thieves its undetected and developed by gummy8unny.

  • Status: Undetected
  • Version: 3.4.2 (06/08/2022)
  • Developer: gummy8unny

Sea of Thieves Hacks features:

Sea of Thieves is a famous online multiplayer game based in the realm of pirates; it’s a fun game to play with your pals while fighting the Kraken. If you’re seeking for a free functional sot esp hack, you’ve come to the perfect site.

SOT AHK Multiscript hack is a free sea of thieves hack made in AHK to decrease anticheat detection. This trick is quick and simple to utilise.

Sea of thieves hacks are difficult to come by on the internet, therefore here we have a new sot hack that is completely undetectable. For instructions, carefully read the topic.

Sea of Thieves AIMBOT

This is an ESP only for Sea of Thieves:

  • Simple Menu
  • Custom Keybinds
  • All Items
  • Other Stuff
  • Treasure ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Animal ESP
  • World ESP
  • and many more
  • Sea of Thieves of Aimbot

Instructions Sea of Thieves Free Hack:

  1. Disable Antivirus.
  2. Run the exe file
  3. Set Windows mode in-game
  4. Enjoy
  5. Insert – Open Menu
  6. Right-Click Box – Set Custom Keybind  

Note: Use at your own risk; the file has been tested and is secure, but cheating puts your gaming account in danger, so do everything at your own risk. Thanks.

Download Sea of thieves hack for free:

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  1. Btw since we got the new Sea of Thieves Season 2 the addon has stopped working. It doesnt detect anything, no players ships, no skel ships, no treasures, no aimbot (this wasnt working either when I downloaded it 6 days ago). Nothing works, just the compass. Would be amazing if you could update 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Python for me Everything works very fine idk for others do not work,for me the cheat work 99% corectly but there is a problem,there is no AIMBOT,is only Harpoon Aimbot..witch i find very useless…why the Aimbot for guns doesent not apear?or work?Any ideea?

  3. Excuse me I want to use the canon shoot directly to other ship, Do you have something that can help me? For example the mark point when I use the Canon or something else.

  4. Seems the update today crashed the cheat :/ compass seems to be still working but ships, loot etc. are not shown anymore. I ask kindly for an update if you will 🙂 Thanks for the good work in any case 🙂

  5. Just tried it and it worked perfectly, only ESP available which is fine with me since my aim is already good enough and even better having the crosshair on. Keep up the good work Python!

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