Secret Behind All the Hacks used in PUBG, CSGO, Apex Legends

Why you should not use “Public Hacks” Explained

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Do you use hacks? of course, you do. Everyone in the current Gaming era like to brag about their Shooting skills right? but are you aware of the fact that using hacks is really dangerous for your game account as well as your computer? In this thread, I will tell you the keenest points so that people should be safe while using any of the Public hacks.


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As the title goes, have you ever wondered the difference between public and private cheat maybe yes, but only on the price basis am I right? what if I told you there are several things about both of these hacks many of you don’t know yet.

Public Hacks:

Actually, have you ever realized the reason why is a hacker making a hack and uploading it online for everyone publicly? suspicious right? The main reason behind that is they steal your browser cookies, means they will steal your saved passwords, credit cards, debit cards, and much more important stuff. On the other hand, when you start using a public hack it will consume half of your system CPU usage but why? because the hack is using your system for many big operations like BITCOIN mining, I know you are surprised at the moment but that’s the harsh reality of it. Mining will make your system weak, CPU as well as GPU.

Private Hacks:

I never actually said private hacks are good either, there are few drawbacks of using them as well while using a private, premium hack you don’t have to worry about losing or getting banned for most of the time. That’s why people pay for hacks so there will be a low percentage of people with different kind of behavior (updated constantly) in the game system which makes them safe. There can a slight chance of privacy risk as well.

According to the recent forecast because of PUBG and other battle royals like Apex Legends and Fortnite the use of hacks have been increased by 69% that’s really a great number.

How to be safe while using public hacks?:

Hey, Stop! I am strictly against using the hacks but still, I want every gamer out there to be safe and not lose anything personal from their Computers.

The steps you can follow to be safe while using public hacks make your system free from any important data. Don’t keep any private info save passwords, especially steam accounts, Try to keep your device space free so that while using the hack your system will use less CPU and GPU power so that these seniors should be protected, and try using the hack in an external source so that it will be difficult by game mode to detect it. 🙂

At last, I will suggest everyone to stop using hacks. Don’t Ruin the game. Play it as it is meant to be!

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