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valorant triggerbot only

Hello everyone, It’s been a long time since I haven’t posted about valorant, I know I am sorry! Since many of the users are requesting me to post about valorant cheats, So here I am today posting valorant cheats, This is a new cheat about valorant so don’t expect much. 

This is a new valorant hack developed by swearamnothacks, This cheat is really good, It has many cool features, We all know valorant has become one of the most played games out there and there are many paid cheats in the market. 

Note: The image added above is old and I am too lazy to update it. The cheat is created by 10Head and MrFacysus, and working with the latest version of the game, Undetected (risky to use) on 27/05/2023.


  • Triggerbot
  • bunnyHop
  • Easy to use
  • doesn’t contain mouse events.

Bunny Hop: It is a very simple hack but it’s very cool because you can move fast in the game using bunnyhop and also dodge bullets in some situations. 

Auto Pistol: (removed) It is a good feature because when in a fight all of the bullets from your rifle are empty then the cheat will auto switch to the pistol for you to shoot at the enemy it’s not much but it helps. 

Triggerbot: is a very cool valorant cheat because with triggerbot you can shoot enemies quickly it’s like a simple aimbot, You can use this basically with snipers and pistols. 

Instructions Valorant Hack:

  1. Simply Download the cheat file from below.
  2. Open the game set the outline of the enemy to purple.
  3. Rename the File, and move it to a USB drive.
  4. Then, Run the cheat.
  5. Set game to window borderless Keybind keyboard KEY ‘ALT’ or ‘SHIFT’.
  6. Have a small white crosshair.
  7. Enjoy 🙂

Valorant hack download for free:

  1. why i cant use the triggerbot i used like other triggerbot it doesnt like detect it i think something wrong with my pc and i used my brother pc and it worked how do i fix this?

  2. how does it send mouse click is it work like ahk which the game can easly know that mouse click isnt synthetic or it use's driver interception which also the game ban for? please tell me it uses diffrent method

  3. Yesterday I got bluescreen of death while I booted my game with this cheat on. Using this cheat for more than a month now.

  4. I found out that ‘’triglock’’ has its own website where they sell this cheat for money. Why is it free here? It’s an old version of it maybe? and I saw really bad feedbacks about the reaction time of the cheat

  5. Is this still working and are you updating it (if needed). Do you mean that you have to keep the game in windowed mode while using so no full screen or what?

  6. join the discord server dm me i will tell my friend to help u regarding the free cheat whithout getting ban and soon we are releasing a spoofer so dont worry

  7. actually I am vary experience just asking if anyone is caught by this specific cheat or not and yah I was banned even after using paid cheats sooo I am pretty scared but not an issue you deserve to have some respect and not ignoring the comments…..""IN SHORT I AS SCAMED"" So is was very cold at that time

  8. Don't use it then its not the devs or the website owner fault, cheating leads to ban even if you use paid hacks, if you are scared of ban don't use free cheats, My friend is in radiant with this cheat but still i won't gareuntee anything every free cheat is not safe

  9. I am already banned one time and almost played after 3 months so can i trust your hacks and tell me if it do affect vanguard……..I will use after your answer……..and if it would detected in future do you inform us ..,.,.,,., I know That I am going to far but at last its trust issues

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