Roblox The Chosen One Script

The Chosen One Script | Anti Glitch, Jump & More (2023)

We have Finally decided to release The Chosen One Script, it was agreed that the previously unseen The Chosen One Hack for the Roblox game is created by Kosovo#3784 built the graphical user interface and so many cool features mentioned below.

Can’t stand games where everyone has the same level of authority as you? Have you ever wished you were the sole server administrator? Then The chosen One roblox game is for you because it is a unique type of game that can help you enjoy the game every much.

Features of The Chosen One Script

Here are some of the features of the best The Chosen One Script

  • Kill All
  • WalkSpeed
  • Delete All Blocks
  • JumpPower
  • And Many More

The Chosen One has been played over 27 million times, with an average of 2,500 players logging in daily. If you regularly play the game then I will suggest you to enjoy this hack for free.

How to execute The Chosen One Pastebin Script

The scripts that enable users to hack the games and play them for free need special software called executors, which Roblox games require. Here on our website, you’ll find both free and paid executors available to you.

  1. Get the Lua exploit.
  2. You should minimise Roblox before launching The Chosen One, since the executor will only work if Roblox is not active.
  3. To the executor after copying and pasting the script there.
  4. Start the process up.
  5. Have fun!