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Tower of Fantasy Hack Free PC | GodMode, Speed & More 2023

If you are wondering where you can download the Free Tower of fantasy hack then you are at the right place because we have the best TOF cheat that you can download and use without any bans or issues. The developers are constantly updating the cheat so that you can stay safe.

At Gamingforecast we provide you with the best MMORPG hacks for all others games out there so we decided to release a free TOF hack for you that can help you get a lot of value out of your playtime. Our cheat has features like God mod, speed hack and many more.

Tower of FantasyCheat Info
Developeryuina, emoisback, nandakoin, TheErel, apin

About Tower of Fantasy MMORPG:

Together, set out on your imaginary journey! The shared open-world RPG, anime-infused sci-fi adventure Tower of Fantasy, created by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, will be available on Steam in Q4 of 2022. It is set hundreds of years in the future on the faraway planet of Aida.

This game is getting more popular day by day and a lot of users are playing the game. If you are one of them, then you might be thinking about ranking up faster in the game, Don’t worry you can download the hack mentioned in this article.

Features List: Tower of Fantasy Hack 2023

Here are some of the features for Tower of Fantasy Hack mentioned below:

  • God mode
  • Freeze Mobs
  • No Fall Damage
  • Skill No Cooldown
  • Inf. Ammo
  • No Reload/Recharge
  • Player Stats
  • Multi jump
  • Fly/Floating
  • Quick Weapon Change
  • Player Gravity
  • Player Speedhack
  • World Speedhack
  • Walk Speedhack
  • Squat Speedhack
  • Swim Speedhack
  • Player Level
  • Field Of View
  • Player Size
  • Player Level (use with caution)
  • Burst Attack Speed (Melee+Ranged)

How to use TOF Cheat Free

The proper instructions to use Tower of fantasy are given below make sure to follow the instructions properly.

  1. Click on the link below to get the cheat.
  2. Visit the official website to get the most recent version of the cheat engine.
  3. Start the game.
  4. Inject the cheat table into the game by opening the cheat engine.
  5. Make sure to select TOF Box to select the rest of the features (Some people were asking this question)
  6. Note: Please follow the pro tip given below and make your cheat engine undetected by following the linked guide, as a normal cheat engine is getting banned now.
  7. Enjoy your free hack 🙂

Info about the cheat:

  • Cheats in the green text must be enabled after joining the game or while in solo/mission mode.
  • You can use time dilation to accelerate your ascent without stamina (recommended to use a hotkey).
  • Fly/float with the ranger class; melee mobs cannot hit you.
  • No need to change set/weapon for player stats.
  • You enter the desired damage, press N, switch to any weapon, and the damage hack should activate. Make sure to edit the god mode value to ON.
  • I added a multi-jump hotkey to prevent crashes when you freeze it.
  • You can combine player and world speedhacks to increase attack speed.
  • You can use it to unlock wanderer’s logs for level. Caution: Do not increase it to 99, or you will be unable to login into the game.

Pro Tip:

If you want to make stay undetected and make the cheat engine fully undetected follow the guide given below:

  1. Follow the guide on how to make the cheat engine fully undetected.
  2. Bypass the anti-cheat of Tower of Fantasy:
    • Go to %windir%/System32/drivers.
    • Delete ksophon_x64.sys.
    • Create a copy of null.sys and rename the copy as ksophon_x64.sys.
    • Set ksophon_x64.sys as read-only.
    • Create a copy of the file to GameDir/Hotta/Binaries/Win64 and click replace.

If it’s not working for you, restart the game and wait until everything loads, then enter the ruins you want to clear and load the CE table attach the process and activate the options, you should see the values populating and you set the desired number, once set switch weapons or set and you’re good to go, you’ll see damage and crit doing huge numbers. To avoid crashing while using the cheat, disable it after collecting all of the chests on the ruins and killing everything.

How to use weapon dupe? (removed)

Here is a little info on how the dupe works. You can read it once and understand how to use properly.

Since automatic pickup is the basis for how it functions, you can create your own "canuseautopickup" and replicate your weapons indefinitely to earn money or improve, of course. You can "canuseautopickup" other players as well, which allows you to copy their weapons into the warehouse when you come close to them as long as they initiate an attack. It's humorous because from their vantage point, they are unable to fight and cause harm because their weapons actually vanish. So there's a chance that everyone will attack if you move among the players on the entire map before they begin their canuseautopickup. Finally, I want to state that the CN server's vulnerability has been fixed. It ought to have been fixed the day before or yesterday. The international server should then likewise have the issue swiftly fixed. The vulnerability can be fixed without updating the client. All of them may be immediately blocked on the server. Consequently, this vulnerability can still be used routinely on the global server as of right now. However, if you use this weakness, you risk being barred.

Byte type: APawn+0xCC8+0x810. Change 1 and lock (It begins the "canuseautopickup" of your current weapon, initiates an attack action, and allows you to pick up and copy your own weapons repeatedly.)

WeaponBase: AItemActor.CanUseAutoPickUp in APawn->CurrentWeapon

How to use TOF Cheat Table Video Guide

Here you go all of you have been asking me to make a video, Watch it and have fun.

How to use TOF Stuff

Download Tower of Fantasy Cheat Engine Table Hack

The Hack has been updated to the latest version of the game, with some additional features added. Enjoy.

New Update: You don’t need the bypass anymore, All you have to do is make your cheat-engine undetectable and then you won’t get banned in the game.

If you don’t want to make cheatengine undetectable because you are lazy then try this:

From my experience, i just inject it before AC fully loaded.

  • Click Launch on ToF launcher
  • Then a new window to prompt to Run as Admin opened
  • Click yes, after that on UCE, open process list, and see if QRSL.exe has a logo, (if there’s no logo that’s mean AC has been fully loaded), then click open
  • Check the cheat table