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How to Hack PUBG Lite

how to hack pubg lite
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PUBG Lite is widely spreading its wings all over the globe since it becomes most popular among Indians, PUBG Lite is a simpler and lite version of PUBG Steam, the good thing about the game is that it’s free and you can create unlimited accounts on the game. The game has a good anti-cheat system as well.


Before you start reading the thread. I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer/laptop. This topic is only for educational purposes. So I will suggest not to use it.

Advantages of Hacks:

pubg lite esp

People playing with hacks have a lot of advantage. They use ESP hack, Aim Hack, No Recoil Hack and they do it without any fear because the hack they are using is external and doesn’t modify any game files which means you can simply hack and game mode will never know that you are cheating, unlike PUBG PC.

Other free hacks PUBG Hacks:

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Where to download the hack and how to set it up?:

Steps to download PUBG Lite Hack:

  • Visit the memory hackers website here: https://memoryhackers.org/
  • Create a free account on the forums.
  • The password to the zip file is “mh” without quotes.

Your download will automatically starts in

To download the file copy-paste the URL in the popup window to Download.

Password: gamingforecast.com

Steps to Setup & Use PUBG Lite Hack:

  • Open the file you have downloaded named XFProjectv8.exe 
  • Now PUBG Lite Launcher and Wait on the menu screen of PUBG.
  • Now Open the hack and click PUBG Lite.
pubg lite hack free download
  • Now Select any of the available hacks for PUBG Lite which has a green tick and click load. ( Click the link below to use the PUBG Lite hack but make sure you have 300 posts on the forum in order to access it. )
  • When you click load, you have to wait a few seconds so that hack can load.
  • After that, the hack is successfully loaded. That’s it.
  • After that, you are head into the game and try it.

PUBG Lite Memory Hackers Hack:

How Pro Hackers Fool the audience?

Now that you have seen and tested it by yourself finally you guys must be thinking that if people use hacks why it doesn’t show in their Livestream. 

It is because the hack you are using in another process running on background and its just a kind of overlay function and when you use a streaming app you only target to record the game which doesn’t display in Livestream, but It can be seen by the operator only.

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  1. bhai ek acha sa esp de do na aur kuch ni chahiye mereko pubg pc lite ka ek esp hack de do use kaam chal jayega mera ye sab detect ho ja rahe hai free wala bas esp hone se hoga

  2. Was a bit busy with my work..if you come to discord than i can discuss with you what kind of stuff should i upload and how can i upload
    Btw we are already added in discord i will knock you 😊

  3. launcher can be detected as virus but it's not actually I know the developer he is a great guy. The hack maybe detected as threat on some machines but its not a krylogger or malware its good I used it and I prefer it. btw slash bro when you are going to post some stuff on the blog

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