Valorant No Recoil Free, Fast Pick, Quick Buy Logitech, Safe 2021

Valorant No Recoil Hack, AHK Fast Pick, Logitech Undetected 2021

free valorant hacks
Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer FPS video game developed by Riot Games. The game was first announced with the codename Project A. This game is gaining popularity really quick because of its advanced playstyle and its similar to CSGO. Valorant free hacks are really hard to find so we are here with a new valorant no recoil hack.

So there is a free hack it was created by JohnGalt and I thought of posting it here after testing it for 10 rounds I found it is quite amazing. This Valorant No Recoil hack is the best hack for valorant its free, it also has Fast Pick, Quick Buy.
This hack is one of the most popular free no recoil hack on the internet, as we all know that valorant have a very low amount of hacks that are free, But this hack is basically a script that controls the recoil of the weapons.
Note: This mod is created only for Logitech mouse and it does not work on any other mouse.
Valorant Hack Info
Status Patched
Version 2.5.4
Update 07/05/2021
Developer JohnGalt

Valorant No Recoil Free Cheat Features

  • No Recoil
  • Quick Buy
  • Fast Buy
  • Valorant No Recoil AHK
  • Only works with Logitech gaming mouse

The process below is only for Logitech mouses

  1. Open LGS then Right Click on your “Profile” any profile is good.
  2. Now Right Click on the profile and then simply select “Scripting”
  3. Now Go to Script / Import.
  4. Save the profile as default. Enjoy.

How to Assign Keys?

You can simply read the script and find the keys and replace them with your own keys.
MB_Mode_Switch cycles through all 3 features and blinks Capslock:
Remember one blink is equal to Mode 1 – Fast Hero Select
G1 to G5 selects the agent assigned.
Remember two blinks are equal to Mode 2 – Quick Buy
G1 to G5 to quickly buy the items assigned (like vandal)
Remember three blinks are equal to Mode 3 – Adjustable Recoil
  • G1 to downward recoil faster
  • G2 to downward recoil slower
  • G3 to it will reset it to the default recoil value.
MB_Recoil_Toggle is GKey to on/off the no recoil.
Quick_Buy – G1 to G5 to quick buy weapons each line is assigned to the table.
Fast_Pick – G1 to G5 to pick all the heroes added to the table.

How to Use Valorant Free Hack

Download Valorant No recoil Hack for free

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  1. The aimbot is not very good I like rage aimbot better I hope you make good aimbot this one is very low key good for people who play genuine

  2. someone text me the answer cause ima forget to check the website but does this work for all guns or which guns (360-216-0713) thats a dispo number so dont think you can get my info from it