Valorant XP Farming Bot, Without Playing, Undetected [2021]

How to get more XP in Valorant without even playing the game

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Hello Brothers, If you want to know how you can increase XP fast in valorant or How to get free skins in valorant or how to level up or your agent then I am here with a new best thing for Valorant it’s basically just released and it’s pretty new in the market. Its called “Valorant XP Farming Bot”. 

This bot basically plays the game automatically so you can keep your pc turned on and it will auto-play every match auto select character in valorant and keep on playing. I basically ask the dev for an early release so I tested it for 5-6 days and it works like charm. 

This mod is made for people who want to boost their XP while they are away and level up their agents fast. This bot is fully undetected.

You can also use this bot on Cloud Computers (Google Cloud, AWS, etc) 

Status: Undetected
Version: 01/02/2021
Developer: Fums

Valorant Cheat features:

This is basically a simple mod which will play the game in your presence and help you gain XP fast in your lost time So you can play later with good skins

This bot is made to grind out agents in valorant or get through the levels and the “battlepass” really quickly.

This bot can get up to 100k or more XP every night

  • Auto Reply: Send messages automatically after a period of time.
  • Anti AFK: Will keep your player on the move
  • Auto Match Queue: Starts a new match when old is over.
  • Auto Character: Select an unchosen character.
  • Discord RPC Support

Valorant Only Triggerbot Free Hack Latest:


  1. Install Python Latest Version.
  2. Now Run the Install_Packages.bat file as admin to install packages using pip.
  3. Run and then read the console.
  4. Select the many, and read info.
  5. Add your Valorant game shortcut in the bot directory.
  6. Follow the instructions that will appear.
  7. (Optional) Setup the Discord webhook and get updates on your discord server directly, It will tell you when the bot has completed a match or still working without problems.

Download Valorant XP farm bot for free:

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