Viking Simulator Script (Inf Coins, Auto Farm) GUI Hack 2022

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Viking Simulator is a competitive roblox game that has dances, fighting, coins, and much more. You have the option of being heartbroken and taking years to reach the top, or you may dominate and prove to everyone in the town that you are the viking simulator champion. Use the scripts now to become a Viking simulator expert and acquire the best blade.

Please read the entire text to learn how to utilize the scripts and become a Viking simulator expert! Many moderators have tested and utilized these scripts.

Viking Simulator is a roblox game in which you play as a great viking and strive to become the greatest by utilizing swords, shields, dogs, and other equipment. It’s tough to locate and write scripts for such games, so we’ve discovered one of the best roblox scripts to help you improve your gameplay.

Features of Roblox Viking Simulator script:

  1. Helps you auto farm
  2. Misc options
  3. Auto buy
  4. and many more

Auto farm: A function that auto farms you to riches, a feature that assists you in becoming a god-like player in Viking Simulator! You won’t have to do anything to become a deity in Viking Simulator.

Installing the Viking Simulator script:

  1. Check that you have an injector installed.
  2. Download/Copy the following file
  3. Open your Roblox game and enter the Viking Simulator.
  4. Inject the script using any free executor.