World War Z for free on Epic Games Store During Corona Virus

World War Z on the house during the time of Corona Virus

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Epic Games began distributing new free games, announced that there will be three of them this week.

In addition to Figment and Tormentor X Punisher, the store will give out a cooperative action game in the spirit of Left 4 Dead – World War Z. Until today, nothing was said about the bonus game, but this game has pleased many players.

World War Z is a tense team-based shooter for four players with a third-person perspective in which countless hordes of zombies are uncontrollably striving to overtake the surviving people. The average rating from leading critics is 70 points.

Two free games are expected next week:

  • Gone Home – an adventure game where players have to study an empty house in search of a plot;
Gone Home - Launch Trailer

  • Hob – an action-adventure game from the creators of Torchlight, where you need to study the world on the verge of disaster.
Hob | Launch Trailer

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