Among Us Latest PC Hack – Imposter Kill, Teleport, Speed, Many More [2020]

Among Us Free Hack, MutliHack, Always Imposter, Speed, and many more

Hello guys, Among Us is in trend nowadays. Everybody is playing the game. We have already published free hacks for among us. Today we are publishing a new hack. You can use this in-game and win every match. Force Imposter and always imposter only works if you are host.

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Note: This only works with version 12.9 of among us so please don’t spam in the comment section saying it’s not working. Have a nice day

Status: Undetected
Version: 18/12/2020
Developer: devilb2103
Among Us Cheats PC + Android + iOS: Click here

Among us hack features:

Speed Hack
Kill Cooldown Timer (changeable)
Emergency Meetings (changeable)
Change between Crewmate and Impostor.
NoClip Hack
Change between Alive or Ghost
Show Impostors
among us hacks
This image is from the old menu (my apologies)


1. Download the free hack from below
2. Now Open the game.
3. Now run the hack exe.
4. Enjoy your cheat bois 🙂
Before you start reading the thread, this cheat is posted for educational purposes.
Among us undetected, free hack is made for you guys. Use it and surprise your friends by winning all matches. Follow the instructions carefully. If cheat doesn’t work, try with different injectors.

Download Among us hack for free:

Your download will automatically starts in

All the files we post here are tested by our staff members all files are clean and working. Please check the status of the file before downloading it, Thanks


  1. I think this mod is a good hack to be impostor but now everyone in my server always knows I'm impostor so do you know a way to keep my identity a secret?

  2. Can you make some more Of the hacker Mode ones because they are the easiest and i have trouble trying to force vote on the v16 version could you fix that?

  3. Ones I injected the menu a new "among us" cmd pops up and nothing happens. When I go into among us and press the INSERT key nothing happens. And when I press the DELETE key my game just crashed or some shit

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