Apex Legends No Recoil Script (Rewrite v2) 2023 Updated

Apex Legends No Recoil Hack Tool 2023 Undetected

apex legends no recoil

This is the best apex legends free no recoil script ever made, and it’s undetected because it’s a macro, and apex doesn’t detect AHKs. I am using it for quite a long time. I will give you a brief description of how to use and download it for free.

Apex legends” is a free-to-play battle royale. You can download the game on origin or steam for free. The game is absolute madness with a lot of stuff to do. If you want apex legends with no recoil hack then download it below. 


  1. Run exe, it will do the rest.
  2. 1 step is enough for this soft.
  3. I highly recommend using a dummy account first.
  4. Enjoy!

Other Note

  • My settings are, I have Mouse Acceleration enabled.
  • My Sensitivity is 1.4, and my ADS Sensitivity is 0.7
  • And the cheat settings: Interval = 20, X = 8, Y = 6.

Additional Anticheat Bypass

There’s an additional anti-cheat bypass given with the no recoil hack. You need to download the file and read the steps inside the notepad, or it’s easy. You can figure it out by yourself.

Download Apex Legends No Recoil hack Script

  1. So, from what I understand, smoothness is used to increase the fps, the FOV is the FOV, scope is useless, topmost is for the recoil of the weapon (if there is a tick it means that the no recoil is active , but if it is not checked it means that it is not active) The only thing I did not understand is what is the toggle (weapons is for weapon selection).
    Thanks in advance

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