Banned for No Reason in PUBG PC, Lite, Mobile? Here’s how to get unban

PUBG Account got banned?

how to get unban in pubg

Hello everyone, Have any of you got the same message while playing PUBG and don’t know what just happened? I know many of the players in PUBG ban for no reason. I got banned in PUBG last year for some wrong reasons, but I managed to get my ban lifted. In this topic, I will tell you the reason why you got a ban, and how to apply for an unban appeal. I will show it for every platform on which PUBG is supported.

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Why PUBG PC, PUBG Lite Banned me?

There could be a few reasons for getting a ban in PUBG:
  • You must be hacking.
  • Your system has malware.
  • You are using a hack for some other game, or you have the hack for PUBG but you are not using it.

1. You are hacking.

If you are hacking, then you should not even try reading the thread because nothing is going to work. If not, then you may continue.

2. Your system has malware.

Got any ideas by now? Yes, many of the online gaming communities indeed ban players because they have malware in their system, and it is not true they want to ban you. The reason they ban you is that the malware tries to steal information from your system or moreover to corrupt it or infect it. So there is a term called Anti-Cheat Protection. It is a program game automatically installs on your system to protect the game from being hacked. It monitors all of your system processes so that there should be no unknown software running in the background That’s why when malware tries to conflict with the anti-cheat program, the anti-cheat engine bans you itself from the game, and there is no role of any game admin. Moreover, if you got ban by an admin then it is called overwatch ban it means while hacking in-game, admin saw your gameplay and ban you by himself.

3. You are using a hack for some other game, or you have the hack for PUBG but you are not using it.

This can also be a significant reason that if you are hacking some other games like GTA, or maybe some online browser game. The anti-cheat engine will ban you and will ask you to apply for unban appeal. One more thing is that if you have a hack for PUBG, but you never used it PUBG will still ban you instantly, Moreover using a macro in games for auto recoil control leads to ban as well.

Why PUBG Mobile Banned me?

In PUBG Mobile there are two types of ban:
  • Time Ban
  • Permanent Ban

1. Time Ban

If you got time ban, then your ban will get lifted after the given time by the community the reason you got time ban is you might be using some kind of minor modification in the game that is unfair but not counted as hacking.

2. Permanent Ban

If you got a permanent ban in PUBG then buddy there is no way down the road. The community will not unban you. Don’t hack my friend 🙂

How to apply for unban appeal in PUBG:


Pubg support unban

  • After that, click on submit a ticket on the top right corner.

pubg submit ticket

  • Then again select the platform for which you are submitting the ticket and enter all the details there.

Now in the description box, write the message below:

Hello Sir,

I am playing PUBG from a long time and it been really fun playing the game but eventually due to unfortunate incidents I don’t know about. PUBG banned my account for no reason I don’t know what it was but I am unable to login and it shows me that you are ban forever. I am really innocent therefore I ask the admins to look into my case deeply.


Just edit this format as per your own and submit the ticket you will get a letter in 24 hours asking you about the banning incident just be polite and tell them everything. PUBG Team will unban you.

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