BetaLoader CSGO Free Hack, Injector, VAC Bypass, Undetected [2022]

BetaLoader – CSGO Free Hack, Injector, Vac bypass, Trusted Mode [All In One]

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Hello guys, here is a new csgo hack with injector and vac bypass. It is an all in one hack loader. BetaLoader helps you more in csgo cheating. Cause you don’t need injectors and bypasses separately. You will get everything on the loader itself.


BetaLoader has its own custom made injector. It has built-in OTC V3. You already know that OTC V3 is a great hack for csgo hvh matches. So, if you want to play hvh matches you just need to download the loader and start the hack.


Also, you are not getting only OTC V3. There will be many other dll hacks – legit and rage hacks both. The injector is also there so, you just have to run the loader and select your favourite dll hack and select the injector and run the cheat.


Status: Undetected
Version: 31.03.2021
Developer: BETA
New CSGO, TF2 Injector Free and Simple to Use:

CSGO hack loader features:

  • Built-in hacks
  • Built-in Onetap V3
  • Built-in Osiris Protected
  • JustMove Cheat
  • Built-in GoESP
  • Godware CSGO Cheat
  • Built-in Hydraware
  • Built-in injector
  • Vac bypass
  • Linkvertise bypass
  • Config installer
beta loader csgo

CSGO injector

Csgo internal cheats are in dll formats. So, you need an injector to inject it into your game. Now have you ever thought – if you have the injector and hacks on the same loader? It would be very easy to run the dll hacks, right? Betaloader has all of them.

CSGO hacks 

Betaloader has built-in csgo hacks. But can you use your own dll hacks too? The answer is yes, you can. You can use any other dll hacks you want. You just need to choose it and then run it.


  1. Download the csgo loader from below
  2. Run the exe and it will download the loader automatically
  3. Run the loader and run csgo
  4. Select your dll hack and click run the cheat
Disclaimer: Don’t use csgo hacks on your main account.

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Download CSGO Betaloader hack for free: