Clash of Clans New Update Layout Sharing Feature

Clash of Clans New Update Layout Sharing Feature

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Clash of Clans is a strategy-based mobile game developed by the Finland gaming company Supercell.

The New Base Layout Sharing Feature

share layout coc

This feature will allow you to share your base layout:

  • Share to Clan Chat
  • Share as link
share layout coc

Share to Clan Chat

Every COC player likes to make new base layouts for their base. In every clan, there is a player who creates nice bases and have a great experience on their his town hall and the noob clan mates of that players always want the best base layout for their base to save their gold and elixir from the attackers. But that pro player can’t help his clanmates because earlier it was not possible to share your base layout in the clan chat. Now with this new feature, the clan can perform wars better by sharing the base layouts with each other.
share layout coc

The Share as link feature will allow you to share your home/war/builder base layout outside the game on the forums of clash of clan with this new amazing feature of Share base link COC players will get a lot of different variety of base layouts on the Internet and just within some seconds the player will now be able to set the new base layout of his choice from the base link on the website.


This new COC layout sharing feature will fix the problem of copying a base layout from the Internet. After this update, the YouTube Channels and Websites will share the bases links directly to their users and this way the players can easily set up their new base layout with in the seconds.
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