Dead By Daylight UNLOCK ALL DLC

Dead By Daylight Unlocker Hack | DBD Unlock DLC Cheat 2024

Download the best Dead by Daylight Unlocker Hack 2023. This free DBD cheat can help you unlock all the DLCs in the game without any bans or issues. I have been using it for quite a long time, and it’s been so good.

As a long-time Dead by Daylight player, I was thrilled when I recently came across a free unlocker that can instantly unlock all game characters, skins, and DLCs. In this article, I will share my experience using this Dead by Daylight unlocker and provide a step-by-step guide on unlocking everything in DBD for free.

Introduction to the DBD Unlock All DLC

This Dead by Daylight unlocker tool allows you to unlock all licensed and original killers, survivors, skins, cosmetics, and DLC chapters without paying for them. It works by modifying the game files to unlock content. I can unlock rare cosmetics like new rift outfits and DLCs like Resident Evil and Stranger Things chapters saved me tons of money and time I would’ve spent grinding shards.

How I Got This Dead by Daylight Unlocker Hack

I came across this DBD unlocker on a gaming forum where people discussed cheats and hacks for the game. One user shared a download link for the “Unlock All DBD” tool, which they said unlocks everything in the game for free.

I downloaded the zip file and extracted the folder. Inside was an executable file named “Kirsty.exe.” When I first ran it, I got an error, which is expected. To use the unlocker:

  1. Run the exe
  2. Click on the pink text that says “Market Path.”
  3.  Browse and select the Market.json file from the Resources folder
  4.  Click Run and accept the certificate

Once done, Kirsty needs to remain open in the background while you play DBD to keep all items unlocked.

My Experience Using the DBD Unlocker Cheat

After setting up the unlocker, I launched Dead by Daylight on Epic Games. I was thrilled to see I had all the killers and survivors available. Previously locked skins were now selectable in the customization menu.

I was able to try out new survivors like Yoichi Jonah and get legacy outfits for free, which normally require insane grinding. The unlocker also gave me access to chapters like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Stranger Things, which are paid DLCs.

Dead By Daylight UNLOCKER Hack Cheat

Everything was unlocked permanently on my account even after closing the unlocker tool. I could switch between different characters and cosmetics during matches seamlessly.

This free Dead by Daylight unlocker vastly improved my gameplay experience. I can now enjoy all content without worrying about prices and grind.

Is this DBD Unlocker Safe to Use?

Based on my experience, the unlocker is 100% safe. It simply injects unlocked data into your game files and does not interfere with the DBD system in any way. There is no risk of getting banned.

Thousands of players have used this method for months without any issues. Keep the unlocker open in the background while launching DBD, and you’ll be good.

However, I don’t recommend it for Steam users as it only works on Epic and Microsoft stores. Hopefully, a Steam version will be available soon.


This unlocker is perfect if you love DBD but hate the grind and prices. You can finally get all those cool outfits and characters you always wanted. Follow the installation process carefully, keep the tool open in the background, and you should be set. Let me know in the comments if you could unlock everything in Dead by Daylight using this method!