Easiest Way to Earn Bitcoins Via Cloud Mining 1.7 Bitcoin (12K$) a Year

How to get Bitcoins in 2020 Easiest Way

earn bitcoins at cheap rates

Hello Everyone on this topic I will tell you how you can mine a lot of bitcoins with any pc. Mining is the easiest way to earn money but many people don’t have the knowledge on how they can earn money using bitcoins. So on this topic, I will tell you a service I am using for some time and it’s pretty good. I have earned like thousands of dollars from their service. ( I can’t post the exact number of my earning but I can say its a lot )

Why I started earning and posting about bitcoins? I have nothing to do in quarantine so I thought of investing my time in something good and make some money out of it. Finally, I find the one and only solution ECOS. Their support team helped me a lot. I will suggest each and everyone try out their services. Click here to visit directly

Let’s talk about how ECOS. Ecos is a mining platform it has been established in 2017 in Armenia, and a year later it was appointed an Operator of the Free Economic Zone, set up by the Armenian Government. The company has a big mining farm with beneficial electricity rates, modern mining equipment, and a unique mining package solution, which makes it one of the best and most trusted cryptocurrency mining platforms in the current market.

ecos bitcoin mining

The best thing I like about ECOS is that they provide their equipment at cheap rates and their cloud mining service is really good. I really loved their customer support.

Let’s talk, What is Cloud Mining?

In simple words, mining means using your computer power for creating an infinite or finite number of bitcoins, litecoins or any other cryptocurrencies out there. 

Cloud mining is a method from which you can easily earn bitcoins without having to worry about costly equipment and their maintenance. I usually Prefer cloud mining because you don’t have to do much and it’s really simple.

People usually think bitcoin mining is really hard but let me tell you it’s not. I didn’t know anything about mining until I joined ECOS and now I have a steady income I don’t have to do much stuff and I earn a decent amount of money.

How much can you earn through Cloud mining?

According to google earn nearly 2000 Bitcoins are mined every day. That’s a lot of bitcoins If we multiply 1 Bitcoin is $6,749, Then 13498000$ are earned daily from cloud mining. 

The project ECOS 

The package service allows you to invest in your own equipment and earn more Bitcoins daily, paying just for its hosting. You receive 24/7 access to your account and can see the operation of your device in real-time. During the pandemic time, remote access to your assets is one of the best solutions!

How does the service work:

Cloud mining (equipment rent)

Cloud mining (or Shared mining) is a mode of gaining bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency without using personal devices. Users of shared mining services buy contracts allowing them to “rent” the devices from the owners of large data centers and gain the funds mined by those devices.

ECOS data center equipped with the most modern equipment
– You rent hash power of this equipment by selecting a contract
– You get access to your personal account dashboard 24/7 and receive your mined BTC daily

Advantages of ECOS Cloud mining:

– Secure service: ECOS – Operator of the Free Economic Zone, established by the Armenian Government
– Stable and affordable electricity supply
– No issues with maintenance of the equipment
– Direct and regular supplies of the most powerful equipment
– Daily payouts
Withdrawal to BTC wallet from 0,001 BTC

I have already started to earn money and I am happy with the results. If you want better support, discount and more info about their services click here: ECOS