Fallout New Vegas Hack Free Cheat

Fallout New Vegas Hack Free (2023) | FNV External OP Cheat

Howdy, Fallout players! Get an extra rush by using cragson’s one-of-a-kind Fallout New Vegas Hack. This free-to-download cheat is the only modification you need to take your Fallout gaming experience to the next level, with thrilling features like God Mode, Speedhack, and Instant-Kill hack.

Info of Fallout New Vegas

Even though it has been more than a decade since Fallout New Vegas’s debut, the game still has a dedicated following. The game’s continuing fame need a one-of-a-kind hack, such as the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack, to increase the joy and thrill of playing.

What Makes the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack So Special?

The Free Fallout New Vegas Hack has a ton of cool extras that really ramp up the fun factor of the game:

  • Speedhack: Fine-tune your speed with the UP-/DOWN-Arrow when enabled. To refresh your speed, just draw your weapon.
  • Instant-Kill: Every damage source in the game gets stronger, so it’s recommended to enable God Mode.
  • God Mode: As the name suggests, you become invincible.
  • Promod: Experience a higher field of view in Firstperson and on your Pipboy.
  • Dumper: A debug feature for players, which prints your current pitch, yaw, and x/y/z coordinates.
[+] Preview: Fallout New Vegas - external v1.0

Instructions to Use the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack

You won’t have any trouble learning how to use the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack:

  1. Download the hack from our website.
  2. Extract the .exe file from the RAR archive.
  3. Launch Fallout New Vegas.
  4. Run the cheat.
  5. Revel in the enhanced gameplay!

Developer’s Info

Fallout New Vegas (Steam) has an external cheat created by dedicated fan cragson. In creating this trick, the programmer had a great time researching into the game’s physics, paying special attention to the engine’s ragdoll mechanism.

The cheat relies on signatures, so it should remain up-to-date, but the creator warns that he cannot ensure its continued viability when used in conjunction with third-party modifications. For anyone interested in the code behind the trick, Cragson says he is open to posting it on his GitHub profile. Future updates will include additional interesting features.


All Fallout fans can benefit greatly from using the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack. Not only does this expand the game’s potential for pleasure and entertainment, but it also provides a fresh look into the mechanics at work behind the scenes. Use this cheat with caution, and have some decency for the game and its creators. Enjoy your gameplay while we keep you updated.