GorillaTag hack pc cheat free

Gorilla Tag Free Hack | Fly, Speed Hack, Troll, Teleport & More

Take your gaming experience, in Gorilla Tag to the level with the help of the Gorilla Tag Free Cheat. This cheat gives you the ability to transform your character into a superhero and have some fun trolling others adding a dimension of enjoyment!

About Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is a VR game that focuses on using your hands for movement. In this jungle players can sprint, leap, climb and interact with their surroundings. Whether engaging in thrilling games of tag or infections or simply hanging out with gamers, in this world Gorilla Tag offers an unforgettable experience. The Gorilla Tag Free Cheat is designed to enhance this experience

Best Features of Gorilla Tag Free Cheat

The Gorilla Tag Free Cheat, developed by lebron22 modifies the game files to add features that are not originally included in the game. Some of the functionalities it offers are;

  • Speed Hack; Boost your movement speed to improve your ability to chase or evade.
  • Flying Hack; Take to the skies and reach areas that were previously inaccessible.
  • Teleport hack; Move instantly across locations, on the map.
  • No clip mode; Move through walls and objects allowing for exploration.
  • Additionally this cheat provides features such, as customizing your avatars size, color and more.

Important Reminders, for Using the Cheat

Please keep in mind that using this cheat is not endorsed or supported by Another Axiom, the developers of Gorilla Tag. It’s crucial to be aware of risks, such as the possibility of facing bans or other disciplinary actions. If you still decide to proceed make sure to download the cheat from sources that guarantee an smooth experience.

How to use Gorilla Tag Hack Free PC

  1. Download; If you haven’t already done so start by downloading the cheat.
  2. Extract; Move the downloaded files to a folder of your choice.
  3. Inject; While Gorilla Tag is running, inject the file located in the extracted folder.
  4. Navigate; Utilize the in game menu to enable or disable features as, per your preference.
  5. Engage; Immerse yourself in a gaming experience.

Full Features List

  • Disconnect
  • Random Lobby Join
  • App Removal
  • Default Platforms
  • Flight Mode
  • Speed Boost
  • Extended Reach
  • Tagging Gun
  • Identity Swap
  • RGB Avatar
  • Ground Stick
  • Teleportation Gun
  • Triple Speed Enhance
  • Freeze-Tag Disable
  • No Clipping
  • Invisible Platforms
  • Teleport Checkpoints
  • Sound Spam
  • Trigger Platforms
  • Hyper Jump
  • First-Person Perspective
  • Panic Exit
  • Total Lag Mode
  • Split Usernames
  • Slap Dodge
  • Snowball Activation
  • Extended Reach V2