GTA 5 Crespo Menu Free | GTA V Online 1.68 (Download) 2024

The Free Crespo Menu makes it simple to enhance your experience in Grand Theft Auto V. This hack programme can change the game so you have infinite resources and experience points and even let you play as god. This article provides a walkthrough of the Crespo Menu, as of the 1.68 release for GTA V Online.

What is the Free Crespo Menu?

The Free Crespo Menu is a mod menu for Grand Theft Auto V that adds new customization options and makes the game more fun to play. It’s difficult for gamers to keep up their rampage when so many hacks become obsolete or prohibited. The Crespo Menu steps in to help by becoming an unnoticed and often updated tool you can rely on to improve your gaming experience.

Users may enter god mode, grant themselves limitless Money and RP, and do much more with this menu. The latest version of the Crespo Mod Menu, developed by crespo5796, is undetectable and up-to-date with the latest 1.68 Update, guaranteeing maximum compatibility and flawless operation.

How to use GTA 5 Online 1.68 Hack?

The Free Crespo Menu is designed to be easy to use for even the most inexperienced players:

  1. Unzip the files you’ve downloaded from our server.
  2. Open Grand Theft Auto 5’s narrative mode.
  3. Invoke the “Crespo_Launcher_v2.exe” programme.
  4. To obtain a Key, go to the website and click “Get Key”.
  5. Just enter it into the Licence Key form and hit the “Login” button.
  6. Once the files are downloaded, you may click “Inject” to inject them.
  7. Press the [F4] or [Ins] key to open.
  8. Enjoy free cheat.

ChangeLog for Crespo ModMenu

The Free Crespo Menu is regularly updated to provide the highest quality of play. Some recent alterations are as follows:

  • Added Explode v2 Player (Player List)
  • Added Icons Menu
  • Fixed Player List to work in Story Mode
  • Removed Themes options “padlock” (Settings)
  • Removed Recovery [Enable] “padlock” (Settings)

Crespo v3.8.1 introduces the following changes:

  • Added New Vehicles 1.68
  • Fixed $750K Shark Card (Recovery)
  • Fixed SuperJump
  • Fixed NinjaJump
  • Fixed a small bug in Teleport to Waypoint


Enjoy complete freedom and command over your GTA V Online experience with the help of the Free Crespo Menu, a handy and undetectable mod utility. The Crespo Menu has everything you need to become God, including the ability to create endless Money and RP. Be sure to always follow the game’s rules and guidelines while downloading and using any such tools. With the Free Crespo Menu at your disposal, you can finally rule GTA V Online.