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GTA 5 Wicked Mod Menu Online 1.67 | CT with 100+ Features

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is a world where personalization is king. The GTA 5 Free Wicked Mod Menu, created by plumbwicked, gives players a tonne of additional customization possibilities. How did this mod become so popular, and where can one acquire it? Come on, we need to get started.

What is the GTA 5 Free Wicked Mod Menu?

This great mod menu is like a cheat sheet, with plenty of possibilities to change up your gameplay. It utilises Cheat Engine, a robust piece of software that permits scanning and modifying the RAM of a running process. Regarding the GTA 5 Free Wicked Mod Menu, it has several options:

  • Spawning custom vehicles
  • Adding and modifying vehicles
  • Changing drivetrain modes (FWD, RWD, AWD)
  • Dropping money
  • Adjusting weather and time
  • Teleportation to different locations
  • Overriding casino security
  • Slot machine manipulation
  • Removing cooldowns
  • Altering your name
  • Enabling protection and trolling options

Downloading the GTA 5 Free Wicked Mod Menu

Make sure you have Cheat Engine downloaded and running on your machine. It may be obtained through the website ( where it can be downloaded. Another option is to use a more secure CE alternative.

After getting Cheat Engine working, you can get the mod menu. To get your copy, just hit the download button. There is a file with the name Wicked GTA5 V3.4.CT in folder you just downloaded. The mod selection option is listed here in your cheat sheet. Put this document where you like on your computer.

How to Use the GTA 5 Free Wicked Mod Menu

Using this mod menu is straightforward:

  1. Make sure to use Cheat Engine 7.4, C.E.lite, or Game Fuq’R to avoid errors with Cheat Engine 7.5.
  2. Start GTA 5 in Windowed Borderless mode and load into the game.
  3. Once in-game, open the Wicked Menu by double-clicking WickedMenu.CT.
  4. Wait for the menu to self-activate.
  5. Use the provided hotkeys to toggle cheats while in-game.
  6. Click on the boxes [X] in the Hotkey Menu to change the hotkeys.
  7. Closing the menu will also close Cheat Engine.
  8. Feel free to restart the menu at any time as long as GTA 5 is running.

Keep in mind that this is not a trainer, but rather a cheat table with a GUI.

To sum up, the GTA 5 Free Wicked Mod Menu is a gamer’s greatest friend, providing access to fantastic customisation options that are sure to enhance your gaming experience. Just follow the instructions up above to install this mod and have a whole different time playing GTA 5. Enjoy!