lol reveal teammates hack

League of Legends – Reveal Teammates in Lobby Hack (2024)

Hey all, If you have been playing League of legends from long, you have noticed new change, that is Teammates name in the lobbies, in normal as well as ranked mode. Which is really frustrating and weird to see this update.

This feature was being introduced by Riot Games to reduce stream sniping, frequent dodging in competitive play, excessive wait periods, and toxicity. The removal of names from the lobby will undoubtedly have an impact on the gameplay, despite the fact that the concept behind this new addition is more than admirable.

But do not worry we got you here, here we have uploaded a tool or say hack for league of legends which works very well and its main function is to show teammates in the lobby which was removed by the developers recently. This Hack reveals the teammates in the lobby back again as usual.


LOL Reveal Names in Lobby Hack Features

  • Get Names in Lobby
  • U.GG lookup
  • Dodge Button
  • Simple to use

How to use League of Legends Reveal Teammates Lobby Hack?

  1. Download the hack file first
  2. Now start the game as well as hack tool
  3. When the game opens, Join a lobby
  4. Now in the hack, Press Get Names
  5. It will show the names of the Teammates in the Lobby
  6. Now just start the game and Enjoy!