lies of p hack trainer cheat

Lies of P Free Trainer Cheats – God Mode, Infinite Items and More

Lies of P is an action RPG that presents players with a challenging adventure full of deadly enemies and moral dilemmas. Mastering the game requires skill, patience, and determination. Fortunately, tools can give you a leg up in the form of free Lies of P trainers. These powerful cheats can make you an unstoppable god in Krat.

Overview of Lies of P Free Trainers

Lies of P trainers are pieces of software that allow you to activate cheats and hacks to enhance your gameplay. They work by modifying the game’s code to bend the rules in your favor. For example, you can gain god mode for invincibility, infinite health, stamina, items, and more.

Trainers offer a way to ease the difficulty and grind of Lies of P, unlock content early, or experiment with fun and wacky new possibilities. They are available for free from various cheating websites and forums.

Key Features of Lies of P Hack Free

Some of the most popular and useful features you get with a Lies of P trainer include:

  • God Mode – Become immune to all damage from enemies and hazards.
  • Infinite Health – Health bar will never deplete no matter how much damage you take.
  • Infinite Stamina – Endlessly sprint, dodge and attack without tiring.
  • Infinite Items – Unlimited consumables, potions, crafting materials, etc.
  • Infinite Fable/Legion – Max out your fable and legion meters.
  • Infinite Weapon Sharpness – Weapons never degrade or become dull.
  • Ghost Mode – Enemies and NPCs can’t detect your presence.

How to Use Lies of P Cheat Download

Using a trainer is simple if you follow these steps:

  1. Download a Lies of P trainer file from a trusted source or our website.
  2. Install Cheat Engine on your PC if you don’t have it already.
  3. Launch Lies of P through Steam and load your game.
  4. Open the trainer .CT file in Cheat Engine.
  5. Choose the Lies of P process and attach the trainer.
  6. Check boxes or set values from 0 to 1 to activate different cheats.
  7. Enjoy your god-like powers!

Be sure to run the trainer only when Lies of P is open, and stay moderate with cheating to avoid detection.

Where to Find Reliable Lies of P Free Trainers

Since many trainers contain malware or don’t work, sticking to trustworthy sources is crucial. Some reputable sites to find working Lies of P trainers include:

  • Legit cheat forums like UnknownCheats
  • Retail cheating sites like CheatHappens, Gamingforecast
  • Popular trainer download hubs like MrAntiFun, WeMod
  • Check Lies of P cheating Reddit threads

Avoid any sketchy-looking trainer downloads that seem fake or suspiciously free. Pay-sites often offer the most stable trainers that get frequent updates.


Lies of P free trainers open up an unbelievable realm of cheating possibilities. You can easily conquer the challenging combat and grinding thanks to god mode, infinite attributes, item spawning, and more. Just be wise in how blatantly you cheat to avoid bans. With great power comes great responsibility!