life in paradise script

Life In Paradise Script – Seat Teleport Script & More (2022)

Early in 2018, Decabox released the role-playing game (RPG) titled Life in Paradise. There are four places you can exit the map after spawning, where you can begin playing. You have the option of passing through the Baby, Teenager, Adult, or Pet morphs. You can choose the role you want to play by passing through one of them.

If you need working Life in Paradise Script, download it from our website. The Script comes with best unique features such as Seat Teleport, Teleport to any Part, Teleport to any other player etc. Use Teleport in game as advantage and progress in game.

The Script has been Created by joshclark756#7155, which is really great and free to download. There are scripts added here which you can download very easily, if you feel any difficulties, make sure to check all the instructions carefully.

Life in Paradise Script Features


Keybinding –

  • Press E while sitting on the Seat to Seat Teleport

How to Use Life In Paradise Teleport Script 2022?

  1. You can get a Roblox Executor by going to our website.
  2. Start the game.
  3. The executor must be installed alongside Roblox, and the two must be connected.
  4. The script’s source code must be in that field.
  5. Select Inject and press the button to start the injection.
  6. The cheat menu will start to load as soon as you decide to open it.
  7. Enjoy the free script at the end.