league of legends profile tool hack cheat

LoL Profile Tool | MultiClient, Token Remove & More (2023)

The League of Legends Profile Tool will help you get the most out of your game. Among the many features offered by this AECX-created app are MultiClient support, Token removal, and extensive Account details.

League of Legends: A Game Info

The online battle arena game League of Legends has amassed a massive fan base. With more than 140 playable champions and a wide variety of game types, gamers are always looking for new strategies to implement. The League of Legends Profile Tool is a potent, ethical hack that provides this advantage, letting you change your appearance in ways not possible with the official client.

League of Legends Profile Tool Features

  • MultiClient Function
    • The Profile Tool’s MultiClient feature allows you to log into multiple accounts simultaneously, making switching between accounts effortless.
  • Token Removal
    • This feature enables you to delete unwanted tokens from your inventory, freeing up much-needed space.
  • Account Info
    • With the Account Info feature, you can access detailed information about your accounts, including level, rank, champions, skins, runes, and more.
  • Delete Tokens
    • Effortlessly remove unwanted Tokens from your Queueattachment.
  • Un/Lock Settings
    • When using multiple accounts, the Un/Lock Settings feature is handy for preserving your preferred game settings across all accounts.
  • Batch Unfriend
    • With a simple click, the Batch Unfriend feature allows you to remove multiple friends from your list.
  • Open Another Client
    • Each time you click on it, this feature launches another client.
  • The League of Legends Profile Tool is more than just a simple tool; it’s a game optimizer that enhances your performance and overall enjoyment. Impress your friends and foes alike with your rare skins and champions.

How to Use the League of Legends Profile Tool

  1. Download the free cheat from below.
  2. Extract the files from the downloaded archive.
  3. Ensure the League client is running and you are logged into a Riot account.
  4. Run the extracted League Profile Tool.
  5. Use the features as you desire.

A Tool with Integrity

The League of Legends Profile Tool’s finest feature is the sincerity with which it operates. It doesn’t break any rules or give any unfair advantages in games. Instead, it improves both your profile and your gameplay.

League of Legends Profile Tool Download

The League of Legends Profile Tool is available for immediate download if you’re ready to take your gameplay to the next level. It’s user-friendly and works with all versions of the game, so you can make the most of your time in the Arena, Rift, and Teamfight. The first step toward a better, more tailored League of Legends experience is taking that first step right now.