mw3 aimbot hack cheat

Modern Warfare 3 Aimbot Hack | MW3 Color Aimbot Cheat

How can one utilize this cheat in Modern Warfare 3? The Modern Warfare 3 Free Aimbot Cheat stands out as a top notch color aimbot hack, for players seeking to elevate their gaming experience in COD MW III the person shooter game by Activision.

This piece will delve into the definition of the Modern Warfare 3 Free Aimbot Cheat, its functionality and how you can acquire it.

Info Modern Warfare 3 Free Aimbot Cheat?

This cheat is an tool that scans your game screen for the specific color of your crosshair automatically aiming and shooting at your adversaries without requiring any manual intervention on your part. By tracking your enemies movements and positions this cheat adjusts your crosshair accordingly to ensure every bullet finds its mark.

Additionally users can customize settings like aimbot bone selection (head or chest) and the aimbot hotkey.

Moreover this free aimbot cheat is designed to work across all game modes within Modern Warfare 3 offering versatility, beyond battle royale mode.

The cheat is compatible, with all weapons and attachments so you don’t have to worry about which weapon to use in Modern Warfare 3. Here’s how you can utilize the free aimbot cheat;

Instructions for Using the Modern Warfare 3 Aimbot Hack;

  • Adjust your in game settings as follows;
  • Display Settings; Ensure you’re on “Fullscreen Borderless”.
  • Interface Settings; Set enemy color to 0xc9008d (Magenta) change “Player Names” to “Icon Only” and turn off “Damage Based Hit Markers”.


  1. Download the cheat below.
  2. Extract all cheat files into a directory of your choice on your device.
  3. Run the cheat first followed by launching the game.
  4. To activate the aimbot check the “Enable” box. Press ALT on your keyboard. A beep will sound when disabling it.
  5. Adjust the window position as preferred.
  6. Have fun and enjoy!

In essence the Modern Warfare 3 Free Aimbot Cheat is a tool that enhances your gameplay in Call of Duty Modern Warfare III by providing aiming and shooting capabilities with precision and speed granting you an edge, over other players.