MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Free Cheat | Speed Hack, Infinite Skills, Jumps & More

The MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Free Cheat stands out as the singular cheat table available. It not only offers game-altering capabilities but also grants you immense power within the game through features like a speed boost, unlimited skills and many other exciting additions.

As a huge fan of the anime MY HERO ACADEMIA, I was thrilled when the free-to-play battle royale game MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE was released. It lets you play as your favourite heroes and villains from the show in epic online battles. However, I quickly found that winning matches was nearly impossible without some advantage.

That’s when I discovered the incredible MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE hack and cheats. These game-changing hacks completely transformed my experience with the game. Please keep reading to learn how they worked for me.


For those unfamiliar, MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE is an online PVP game based on the popular anime. You can choose from a huge roster of characters from the show, each with unique superpowers and abilities taken straight from the anime.

You then battle against other players in last-man-standing, battle royale-style matches. It’s free-to-play but also very challenging to master.

This is where cheats and hacks come in handy!


The MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE hack I found online unlocks the following awesome features:

  • Adjustable Attack Speed – Make your attacks lightning fast or slower.
  • Adjustable Movement Speed – Increase your movement for easy dodging.
  • Level 9 Skills – Unlock all abilities immediately.
  • No Skill Cooldowns – Spam skills endlessly.
  • Infinite Jumps – Jump as many times as you want mid-air.
  • Heightened Jump – Leap to insane heights.
  • Gravity Control – Float around the map indefinitely.
  • Speed Hacks – Outpace enemies with ease.
  • Health Hacks – Become nearly invincible.

These powerful options completely changed the way I could play.

How I Got the Hacks Working

  1. Downloaded the MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE hack files online.
  2. Extracted the .zip folder and opened the included .ct file in Cheat Engine.
  3. With the game running, activated the hacks I wanted by checking boxes.
  4. Jumped into a match and dominated with my god-like hacked character!

It only took a few minutes to set up, and worked perfectly every single time.

Are CHEATS Safe to Use?

I know many players wonder if using cheats and hacks can get them banned. Based on my experience, using small hacks in moderation is safe. I’ve used the MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE cheats for days without any issues.

Just be smart – don’t use hacked characters in ranked matches, don’t broadcast that you’re cheating, and only enable subtle boosts to your skills. As long as you fly under the radar, it would be best if you didn’t run into any problems.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to the MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE hack, I’ve been able to thoroughly enjoy this game as my favourite powered-up character from the show. I went from losing every match to dominating the opposition in no time at all!

So, if you find the game too challenging and want to have fun with insane abilities, I highly recommend trying out some of the free hack options available online. They really make MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE infinitely more exciting.

Just remember to cheat responsibly, and never hack during ranked competitive matches. Follow those tips, and you’ll be an unstoppable force of destruction! Plus Ultra!