Roblox Ninja Fighting Simulator Hack

Ninja Fighting Simulator Script | Auto Farm, Unlock & More

Roblox Ninja Fighting Simulator players, we’ve got an awesome new script for you! Developed by ToraIsMe, this Ninja Fighting Simulator script features auto farm, unlock areas, speed boosts, and more. Keep reading for an overview and installation instructions.

Introduction to Roblox Ninja Fighting Simulator

Ninja Fighting Simulator is a newly released Roblox game that’s already hugely popular, with over 30,000 concurrent players. In this ninja-themed fighting game, you train your character and battle to become the ultimate ninja master.

But like any Roblox game, it can get gritty. That’s where scripts come in! Specifically, this new Ninja Fighting Simulator script by ToraIsMe.


Overview of Ninja Fighting Simulator Script Features

While simple, the Ninja Fighting Simulator script packs some helpful cheats:

  • Auto Farm: Automatically trains your ninja and earns wins.
  • Unlock Areas: Unlocks zones without meeting requirements.
  • WalkSpeed: Makes your ninja walk faster.
  • JumpPower: Improves your jump height.

The auto farm feature is especially handy. It levels up your ninja for you, saving you grind time so you can focus on other parts of the game.

Ninja Fighting Script

The area unlock is great, too, since zone requirements can be tedious to meet. Overall, these script options streamline the Ninja Fighting Simulator and make it more fun!

How to Use the Ninja Fighting Simulator Pastebin Script

Using the script is a breeze:

  1. Copy the script code below
  2. Launch Ninja Fighting Simulator
  3. Paste the code into your exploit
  4. Execute the script
  5. Enjoy the cheats!


This new Ninja Fighting Simulator script unlocks auto farm, instant area unlocks, speed boosts, and more. Follow the installation steps above to start cheating your way to ninja mastery!

We hope our free ToraIsMe script enhances your Roblox Ninja Fighting Simulator gameplay. Check back often for more Roblox scripts and exploits only at GamingForecast!