PUBG Mobile Emulator Bypass Detection (Gameloop) March 2020 Updated

PUBG Mobile Emulator Bypass Detection TGB 2020 Latest

Status: Outdated ( will be fixed )

Hello, are you looking for pubg mobile emulator bypass? and don’t know how to download and setup, then you have come to the right place, We provide the best free undetected hacks pubg mobile emulator hack.

Cereberus is a free Hack to bypass the emulator without any problems. I am using it from a while now and it’s fully undetected

PUBG Mobile Emulator Bypass LD Player New Version:

PUBG Mobile Emulator + PUBG Lite No Recoil Tool Undetected:

PUBG Mobile Emulator New Method Never Get ban again While using hacks | ESP, Aimbot New Trick:

PUBG Mobile Emulator ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil Undetected Hack By Gaming Forecast Released Today:

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. Who made the cerberus hack?

Q2. What features will I get after using cerberus?
Q3. How can I be 100% safe while using cerberus?

Let’s get started:

Current version Cerberus 1.4.5 Update August 23
Supports PUBG Mobile Version 14.0 and above. The topic will be updated frequently as soon as the game updates arrive.

1. Tencent gaming buddy TGB (Gameloop) emulator bypass pubg mobile

Tencent gaming buddy (gameloop) is an emulator which is used to play PUBG Mobile on your pc, laptop. As we all know, there are many hacks available in PUBG people are using them with the emulators. You can simply bypass emulator in PUBG Mobile with this trick.

Requirements before you proceed:
  1. Tencent gaming buddy (Gameloop)
  2. Xposed.apk
  3. Cerberus.apk (Created by ciceron)
Additional files for more security:


Your download will automatically starts in

To download the file copy-paste the URL in the popup window to Download.


Download the file and run it as admin or copy the text on GitHub paste on notepad files and save the file as .cmd format and run as admin

2nd Important file for Gameloop:

Step 1: Download the following files and install Tencent gaming buddy latest version from the given website.
There are two options here you can go for ‘gameloop,‘ or you can go for ‘Tencent gaming buddy.’ I will suggest using TGB because it’s safe. Just google TGB and download it from some other site because TGB is now shifted to gameloop on the official website.
Step 2: Go to C:Program Filestxgameassistantui or to the installation directory you have chosen during the process of installation. Create a shortcut of androidemulator.exe file on the desktop. Now every time you open the game use this shortcut only.

Step 3 When the emulator opens, Press F9 You will see a browser icon. Click on this icon and download “ES Explorer” from the website.
Step 4: Copy all the downloaded files to this directory. 
or sometimes it is different just check your drive and find the Temp Folder, and you are good to go.

Step 5: Open ES Explorer and enable root mode then go to /data/share1/ and copy all the files you copied earlier in the respected folder.

Step 6: Install Xposed.apk

Step 7: After Xposed installation is done, open the Xposed and click Install/Update to install the framework, then reboot Tencent gaming buddy. (Gameloop)

Step 8: Install the Cerberus app but don`t open it yet.
Note: Do not start the game after this step. I will tell you when the game is ready to launch.
Step 9: Open Xposed, click on Modules and click Project Cerberus and all other additional modules if you have installed them.

Step 10: Restart Tencent gaming buddy now. (Gameloop)
Step 11: Now open Cerberus click on bypass button below.

Step 12: Reboot Tencent gaming buddy.

Step 13: Open Cerberus, it should give you the following screen as shown in the image. Now after the bypass process is done simply, you can play the game anytime and play with your mobile friends without any problems.
Congratulations you have successfully bypassed pubg mobile emulator detection. This is how you can avoid emulator detection on pubg mobile.
If you want to be more secure while using the cerberus, then simply download the additional files I have given above.
Device Faker: It fakes the device model.
Root clock: It hides the root from the apps simply select PUBG Mobile.
GFX Tool: Simply use GFX tool. So that the devs will think he is merely using the gfx to get more fps nothing else.
Still not satisfied? Follow the following points to be safer.
  1. Don’t kill too many players no more than 20 kills.
  2. Maintain kill to death ratio under 7.
  3. Disable spectating
  4. Don`t use the cheat in excess.
  5. No quick scopes, please 🙂
  6. Connect it with FB or twitter because guest accounts are check more often.

Q1. Who made the Cerberus hack? 

Ans: This hack is made by ciceron. You can donate the guy via the Cerberus app to keep his work alive.

Q2. What features will I get after using Cerberus?
Ans: You can simply bypass the emulator and play PUBG with mobile friends without worrying about emulators’ server issues.

Q3. How can I be 100% safe while using Cerberus
Ans: Download all the additional files given above and use them. Still, I will suggest not to use the hack and stop playing PUBG Mobile because there is also a lite version of PUBG PC which is far better than PUBG Mobile. Good Luck