PUBG PC, PUBG Lite Helicopter Update Coming 2019? Pubg mobile new update leaks?

PUBG PC Helicopter Update

pubg pc helicopter

As we all have come to know that PUBG Mobile is going to get the biggest update of all time. The developers have many have very new surprises for us. As of late, in the PUBG Mobile (Chinese), version beta access was opened for testing of its unique highlights. In this beta adaptation, players got a brilliant opportunity to test the helicopter interactivity and other new stuff. In any case, it is accessible for a couple of users only.

But the main question is, what are we going to see the same update for PUBG PC and PUBG lite? Because this has never happened before, PUBG PC gets the update first then it is received by the mobile version of the game, but this time PUBG Mobile had done something strange by adding the helicopter to the game. Here are some screenshots of the PUBG Mobile.

pubg mobile helicopter

pubg mobile rocket laucher

Helicopter in PUBG PC?

The main question is, are we really going to see the helicopter update in the pc version of the game as well? This question was asked to the PUBG Corp on Twitter by a guy named Mike. The developers said that “PUBG Mobile is a totally different game from the PC version of the game in many aspects.” They said that “they are not sure what is coming up in the future, but it would be better than adding helicopters in the game.”

The gameplay of PUBG Mobile Helicopter Update

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In my point of view adding a helicopter to the PC version of the game will be totally bad for the future of the game it makes no sense adding a helicopter to the PC version of PUBG.