Bathroom Attack Script

Roblox Bathroom Attack Script | Free Pastebin GUI (2024)

Looking for a spot where you can raise toilets automatically and take out skiers with a kill aura? Well you’ve landed in the place. Here you’ll discover the Bathroom Attack Script that will assist you in accomplishing this task

Key Features of the Bathroom Attack Script;

  • Kill Aura
  • Auto Farm
  • Gold Farm
  • Pickup Drops
  • Safe Teleportation

Bathroom Attack is a Skibidi zombie adventure game, on Roblox. In this gameplay you select a character with abilities and equip yourself with a potent weapon to battle and conquer those wicked foes. For content to blox fruits script check out

How to Utilize the Bathroom Attack Script;

  1. Launch Bathroom Attack, on Roblox.
  2. Insert your Bathroom Attack code into your Executor.
  3. Enjoy gaming! Good luck!

While engaging in combat with enemies players have the chance to obtain drops like health kits, sturdy armor and enhanced weapons. With the auto kill aura feature in this script you can vanquish all foes effortlessly while reaping all benefits. Moreover it enables you to gather drops and amass a supply of gold.