Roblox Flag Wars Script

Roblox Flag Wars Script Free – HitBox, Chams Working (2023)

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In this game, you have to get the enemy’s flag and bring it back to your team’s base, you and your teammates must dig your way into the enemy’s base. A redo of the first Underground War game by Stickmasterluke. The primary gameplay element is the use of weapons, which are used to engage in combat and capture flags.

With the use of our Roblox Flag Wars Script, you can access any free features you desire. If you’re not sure how to use scripts in Roblox but are becoming more more professional player by the minute, read the whole article below to see how it works!

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Roblox Flag Wars Script All Features

  • Chams
  • Hitbox
  • Easy win
  • Free to use

How to Use Roblox Flag Wars Script 2023?

  1. Firstly, copy and download the script code.
  2. To begin the game on Roblox, go there.
  3. Now the executor will begin.
  4. Now connect the Roblox Client and the Executor.
  5. Paste the script that was copied there.
  6. Add the script now.
  7. Take advantage of the free script!