Roblox MIC UP Script

Roblox MIC UP Script – Working Click to Fling FREE (2023)

Hello guys, if you are playing roblox Mic up, and want to have more fun in this game, then make sure you check this mic up script that is added recently on our website, the script we have added is free to use and download, without paying anything.

If you’re not familiar with Roblox scripts or this site, please go over the information provided here, including the list of features and the detailed instructions for using the script correctly and without mistake.

It was developed by GROUD#7295, and it was published on our website when it was finished.
It is equipped with the most useful features and can be obtained from our website, where it can then be downloaded and used without incurring any costs whatsoever.

We have added a undetected working script that we are aware of right now and have included it below. Be sure to come back frequently for additional content as these are updated on a consistent basis as the game’s popularity continues to grow.

Roblox MIC UP Script Features

  • Click to Fling
  • Free to use

Dev Notes:

Retrieve the soccer ball from the soccer field.It must TP twenty studs below you.
Do not click on the soccer area walls, since they will cause the ball to return to the soccer area.|
If you void the pass, you may TP the ball back to the soccer area by hitting "e."

How to Download Roblox MIC UP Pastebin script?

Here’s where you can grab the Roblox Mic Up Pastebin Script we’ve been talking about. If you click this, you’ll be sent to a Pastebin website where you may quickly and conveniently download the script.

After you do this, your browser will refresh with the Pastebin Script page already loaded, so you may copy the code without any formatting. Then, put it to good use by following the procedures detailed below.

Please check back frequently, as we want to add additional scripts to this page as they become available. Please read the use rules before using Roblox Scripts if you are unfamiliar with them. Please let us know how things go if you have any problems.

Instructions to Use Roblox MIC UP Script

You must follow the steps below that are provided, and use the script without any issue, make sure to get a roblox executor that is working from our website and then follow these –

  1. Download the Script
  2. Go to the game
  3. Start Roblox Executor
  4. Click Connect Client, or Inject button
  5. Paste the script now
  6. Click Execute script now
  7. Go back to the game
  8. Enjoy the free hack