Pull a Sword Script

Pull a Sword Script | Auto Farm, Infinite Wins & More (2023)

Do you need scripts to help you farm victories and respawn in Pull a Sword without having to do anything? If so, you’ve stumbled across the correct webpage. To help you get all the items in Roblox Pull a Sword, we have compiled a list of all the scripts we could find for Pastebin.

Pull a Sword scripts can be used to automatically improve your gameplay as it has so many auto capabilities that do everything on its own, and you will get a lot of stuff in the game for free if you use this hack right now.

Pull a Sword is an addictive Roblox game where you train up your strength to yank swords from stones. But getting wins and pets can require serious grinding. That’s where scripts come in!

In this guide, we’ll cover the top legit Pull a Sword scripts made by trusted creators. These handy hacks will supercharge your gameplay and progression.

Let’s check out what awesome cheats and automation these free scripts unlock!

Features of Roblox Pull a Sword Script

Roblox Pull a Sword Script

The best Pull a Sword scripts enable features like:

  • Auto Train to boost your strength automatically
  • Auto Rebirth for easy rebirth grinding
  • Auto Hatch to open eggs without clicking
  • Equip Best always to wear your top gear
  • Wins Farm to earn wins rapidly overnight
  • Claim Gifts to open present rewards instantly

With these scripts, you can automate tedious tasks while earning unlimited coins, pets, and swords as you sleep!

Pull a Sword Hack Quick & Easy Installation Guide

Installing these free scripts only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Download a trusted executor like Synapse X, JJSploit or Krnl
  2. Open your executor and launch the Pull a Sword game
  3. Copy/paste your chosen script code from this page
  4. Click “Inject” or “Execute” to run the script
  5. Enjoy effortless automation and cheating!

Pro Tip: Use an alt Roblox account instead of your main.

Best Overall Pull a Sword Script

[UGC LIMITED] Roblox Pull a Sword Script - Auto Farm (Update)

Of all the excellent Pull a Sword scripts out there, this one by ToraIsMe stands out as the best:


It enables auto-hatching, rebirth, training, and more. This script will have you dominating leaderboards in no time with no effort!

Why Use Roblox Scripts?

Here are some of the key benefits scripts provide in Pull a Sword:

  • Get further in less time and with less effort than clicking and grinding
  • Gain access to skills and statistics that are otherwise unobtainable
  • Rapidly obtain weapons and rare pets via hatching eggs
  • Conquer difficulties you might normally have trouble with
  • Some gamers have flex badges, swords, and pets, but most do not.
  • Add extra enjoyment to the game by improving its overall quality.

Scripts let you truly master Pull a Sword on a whole new level. Dominate Pull a Sword today with these free scripts! Just be wise in how you cheat to avoid potential account issues. Have fun yoinking legendary swords and hatching mythicals easier than ever!