Roblox Secret Neighbor Script hack

Roblox Secret Neighbor Script | Infinite Coins, Coupons 2023

Secret Neighbor’s creepy yet fascinating environment is now available on Roblox. In this online cooperative horror game, you and your friends are thrown into a mystery to solve by exploring your notorious next-door neighbor’s home. However, the Roblox Secret Neighbor Script Hack is a potent resource to have at your disposal as you enter this world of secrets and collaboration. In this article, we’ll go over the game and the script hack that can completely change the way you play.

Secret Neighbor on Roblox: An Overview

You’ll be working together with five other people in Secret Neighbor. Is that the end result of your collaborative efforts? Let’s find out what’s hiding in the basement by opening the door. The road to success is paved with collaboration, open dialogue, and creative problem solving.

But there’s a catch, so keep reading! There is a saboteur on your squad who is setting up ambushes and planning attacks. Therefore, to outwit the ‘Neighbor’ and defeat the traitor’s deceptions, strategic thinking skills and efficient collaboration are necessary.

The game lets you put your own spin on things by selecting from a wide range of memorable Neighbor skins and Rescue Squad costumes. Earning the “Welcome to the Neighborhood” badge is important since it grants access to bonus features in Piggy Build Mode.

Roblox Secret Neighbor Script Hack: Info

This exciting game might be difficult to navigate at times. However, you’ll have a huge advantage if you use the Roblox Secret Neighbor Script Hack. You may buy anything in the game at any time with the unlimited coins or coupons provided by this cheat.

Infinite Coins/Coupons

Using this scripting function, you may do away with resource limits altogether. Infinite coins or coupons allow you to personalize your character, buy in-game enhancements, and gain access to bonus features, all of which improve the gaming experience.

Roblox Secret Neighbor Script - Infinite Coins / Coupons

How to Use Roblox Secret Neighbor Script Hack

You can improve your time spent playing Secret Neighbor by using a script hack. The hack may be used by following these steps:

  1. Download the Secret Neighbor Script Hack from a reliable source.
  2. Extract the downloaded files to a suitable location on your device.
  3. Launch the script executor compatible with your system.
  4. Paste the hack script into the executor.
  5. Execute the script and launch the game.
  6. Enjoy the perks of infinite coins/coupons within the game.


Roblox’s Secret Neighbor is a thrilling and terrifying social horror game. The game is already exciting, but the Roblox Secret Neighbor Script Hack gives you an edge. The script hack enables you to play the game to its fullest by giving you access to a limitless supply of coins or vouchers. Get lost in the intrigue and enjoy the game to the fullest.