Trident Survival Script

Roblox Trident Survival Script – ESP, X-Ray & Others (2023)

Trident Survival, a survival game in development, is to provide a fun, accessible, and cross-platform experience that players can enjoy no matter where they are. Because of its resemblance to Rust, another Player vs. Player survival base building experience, this Roblox game has been called “Roblox Rust.”

In Trident Survival, you must cultivate resources, construct bases, pillage various monuments for components, and then employ those components in a Workbench to create armour and weapons. Nitrate, which may be crated into explosives, can be farmed in this game and then used to “raid” other players’ bases, break in, and steal their resources.

This Roblox script is developed by zvs#0001, who created this recently and uploaded for free to use for us, this script is free to download and use, you must enjoy this script without getting worried about getting banned in game.

This script comes with lots of free features that you can see inside it. Some of them are ESP hacks, which are also known as wallhacks, if you are not new to the hacks, you must know this very well how the ESP hack works, and helps you to spot the enemy location in the game.

Military crate ESP, Nitrate Ore ESP, Vending Machine Wallhack, and few more that you can find in the script features section below in detail. So must use and enjoy this script wisely and i would recommend not to over use it to be safe.

Roblox Trident Survival 2 Script Features

  • Military Crate ESP
  • Nitrate Ore ESP
  • Vending Machine ESP
  • Part Crate ESP
  • Base X ray

How to Use Trident Survival Script in Roblox?

The script provided below is free of cost and easy to use, you must know the basics of how to download and use, if not, then also do not worry, we will explain you how you can use the free roblox scripts in the game without getting banned or crash.

Simply follow the steps below –

  1. Download and Copy the script code
  2. Also Download the Roblox Executor
  3. Open the Roblox and Join the game
  4. Run any Roblox Executor that you want
  5. Click Inject button to connect the client
  6. Now Paste the Script in the Executor
  7. Click Execute button at the end now
  8. Wait and go back to the game and check
  9. The Script should have been working Now
  10. Enjoy using the free script in 2023!