Rogue Legacy 2 Cheat Hack PC

Rogue Legacy 2 Cheats, Trainers for PC Free Download (2023)

Rogue Legacy 2 Trainer, crafted by wh0am15533, is a robust tool designed to enhance your gaming experience in Rogue Legacy 2. This trainer comes packed with various features, allowing you to become invincible, acquire gold or resources, and more.

How to Use Rogue Legacy 2 Trainer

Deploying the Rogue Legacy 2 Trainer is straightforward:

  1. Download RogueLegacy2Trainer-v1.2.rar
  2. Extract it at any location on your computer.
  3. Use Doorstop, BepInEx, or a Standalone Injector to inject the trainer:
  • If using Doorstop (for Doorstop injection guidance, click here) – Position the file anywhere and specify it in the Doorstop.ini.
  • If using BepInEx – Put the Trainer dll within the ‘BepInExPlugins’ folder.
  • If using a Standalone Injector, position the file anywhere and within your chosen injector specify the following:
  • Namespace: Trainer
  • Class: TrainerLoader
  • Method: Init

Features of Rogue Legacy 2 Cheat Hack

  • Press Backspace to open/close the menu.
  • Features include Invincibility, Toggle Jump Mod, Reveal Map, Give Gold/Resources, Light Throne Room Torches, Unlock All Teleporters, Unlock All Classes EXP, Give All Songs/Insights/Journals/Heirlooms, Enable All Abilities, Mod Spells, and more.
  • For support and to connect with others, join our Discord server.

Developer Note

Rogue Legacy 2 Trainer has been developed to provide an enhanced gaming experience. It is capable of swapping Specials and Spells dynamically. The ‘Reveal Map’ feature can also display hidden/developer rooms. ‘Jump Mod’ has been made toggleable for more precise jumps, and ‘Mod Spells’ eliminates cooldowns. ‘Light Torches’ aid when the task becomes challenging. Plus, the annoying dropdown bug has been fixed – just press ‘X’ for a smoother game experience.

Two essential cheats are Invincibility and Unlimited Ammo.

The Trainer was updated to v1.2 on 6/3/2021, fixing compatibility issues with the new game update.


A functioning install of either Doorstop, BepInEx, or your preferred injector.

With a friendly tone and clear, concise language, this guide aims to improve your gaming experience with Rogue Legacy 2. This tool, when used properly, can help you dominate in the game.