Rounds free hack cheat download

ROUNDS Free Cheat | Fly, Aimbot Hack & More Download 2023

The ROUNDS Free Cheat is here, and if you’re a lover of the independent multiplayer game ROUNDS, you’re in for a treat. This patch improves the experience by adding new options like an aimbot and more!

About ROUNDS Game

ROUNDS is an exciting one-on-one rogue-lite shooter where the stakes increase with each new round. When a player loses, they have access to strategic enhancements that allow them to better combat the winning player. You may jump, block, and shoot your way to victory with more than 11.2 million possible power-up combinations. What if you didn’t need luck or skill to improve your experience and try out new power-up combos? ROUNDS Free Cheat is here to help.

Features of ROUNDS Free Cheat

ROUNDS Free Cheat is a modification that improves upon the original by adding content that is absent from the base game. It provides:

  1. Auto-block: Automatically blocks incoming bullets with your shield.
  2. Aimbot: Aims automatically at your opponent’s weak spot.
  3. Spawn cards: Spawn any card from the card menu.
  4. Spawn cards for opponent: Play around by spawning any card for your opponent from the card menu.
  5. Infinite jump: Jump multiple times in the air.
  6. Infinite block: Block without breaking your shield.
  7. Map changing: Switch to any map from the map menu.

You’ll have a better time playing ROUNDS thanks to these enhancements. You may up the ante by playing against yourself, using more formidable cards or a more difficult terrain.

How to Download and Install ROUNDS Free Cheat

Installing the ROUNDS free cheat is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Please go to our site and use the download button.
  2. Open the compressed file within a new folder.
  3. Replace the downloaded dll file an then replace the existing “Assembly-CSharp.dll” file in the game’s installation directory (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ROUNDS\Rounds_Data\Managed).
  4. Run the game and enjoy.

You require a mono injector, such as SharpMonoInjector, to activate the autoblock/aimbot. Simply choose the roundsaimbot.dll file and attach it to the Rounds process. Type “roundsaimbot” for the namespace, “Loader” for the class name, and “Init” for the method name into the appropriate fields.

The ROUNDS Free Cheat is a fantastic piece of software that may vastly enhance your gaming experience.