sakara multihack csgo cheat

Sakara CSGO Legit Cheat | MultiHack (Free Download) 2022

Sakara MultiHack for CSGO is one of the best created csgo cheats ever. This free hack has so many awesome features that even paid cheat don’t have and the developer of this hack is so brilliant that is providing regular updates for the hack to keep it undetected.

CSGO Hack Sakara is getting popular day by day so we decided to add a free version on our website as well. Just make sure that you follow how to use instructions given below to use the hack without any ban or issues.

The Vac anticheat is becoming more effective on a daily basis. However, we are also able to routinely give you with the most up-to-date cheats that are undetected. The Sakara is a hack that has both legitimate and rage-inducing features. If you want to play it safe, though, I recommend that you stick to using the official features. However, you are taking a little dangerous if you utilise it for HVH.

I have used Sakara Hack in both the hvh and the legit part. Sakara Cheat enables me to effortlessly destroy people. If you are familiar with how to construct config, then you have the ability to triumph in every single hvh match. You guys may mess with the aesthetics and utilise the aimbot with a low field of view if you want to be considered a legitimate cheater. That is more than sufficient to win matches without any difficulty.

Features of Sakara MultiHack CSGO:

  1. Aimbot: contains everything you need for legit aimbot
    • config per category (pistols, rifles,snipers,etc…)
    • hitbox selection (cool cmerged model preview shit to sell)
    • hitchance
    • minimum damage
    • RCS
    • linear and non linear smoothing
    • autoshoot
    • autostop
    • visibility check
    • silent aim
    • auto wall
  2. Triggerbot
  3. Backtrack
  4. Visuals
    • world modulation (world, night vision, props, skybox changer)
    • third person
    • molotov and smoke hull
    • grenades timers
    • bullets tracers
    • hitmarker
    • off screen enemies
    • no smoke, no molotov fire, no post processing, no scope etc..
    • viewmodel changer
    • motion blur
    • recoil crosshair/ sniper crosshair
    • engine radar
  5. Radar overlay: renders custom radar overlay, with weapons, dormant enemies, eye angles, …
  6. player dlights
  7. mirror cam
  8. ESP, basic esp from osiris but with dormant esp and weapon icons
  9. Glow, same as osiris
  10. Chams, same as osiris but added few materials, and custom menu, it was supposed to preview esp and chams but it’s bugged for now
  11. Inventory changer: also from osiris but with cool menu and ability to edit items
  12. Misc:
    • Auto accept
    • Anti afk kick
    • Force cluster relay
    • preserve killfeed
    • auto pistols
    • auto reload
    • quick reload
    • prepare revolver
    • player damage indicator
    • player flashed indicator
    • custom clantag
    • reveal suspect
    • spectator list
    • purchase list
    • reportbot
    • door spam
    • blockbot
    • freecam
    • unlock inventory
    • bomb timer
    • square radar
  13. Keybinds
  14. Players list
  15. Movement
    • bunny hop, bunnyhop hitchance
    • infinite duck (remove clientside crouch cooldown)
    • slide walk aka moonwalk
    • edge jump (without or with keybind)
    • jump bug
    • slow walk bind
    • fast stop
    • fast plant
  16. Movement recorder: with many customization, save, load configs, edit individual movement, colors, etc..
  17. Grenade Helper: also highly customizable, only missing auto throw, other than that, it’s P2C quality
  18. Grenade Prediction
  19. Grenade warning, shows where enemy grenades will land
  20. Grenade view, shows a camera view of where your nade will land
  21. LUA scripting, with many bindings for engine functions, client, entities, GUI etc..
  22. Config system, basic json configs as osiris

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use?
    • Simply get the DLL file, start Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and then inject it using a manual map injector, such as Shtreeba, etc..
  • Where can I get the config?
    • In documents/sakara/
    • Are there any configurations available for the grenade helper and the movement helper?
    • Place them in the appropriate folders here: documents/sakara/movements and documents/sakara/grenades.
  • Any lua scripts?
    • I whipped up a few scripts only for the sake of testing various things; I’ll be publishing the scripts API very soon for anybody who’s interested in writing scripts.
  • Is this hack undetected?
    • Absolutely; all you need to do is use the appropriate injector.

Known Issues in the Hack:

Known problems include:

  • Make sure to activate multicore rendering in the CS:GO settings, since there are moments when the blurred backdrop does not draw correctly.
  • solo RCS is now quiet; I’ll change that as soon as I have a chance.
  • Stickers can’t be selected in the inventory edit screen for some reason.
  • autostop in aimbot only activates while the user is actively firing.
  • target backtrack sometimes misses
  • The disconnect button is situated in an awkward location.
  • aimstep is turned off, and the field of view is limited at 30 degrees.
  • The movement recorder indication is unattractive and resembles free hacks.
  • The prediction of grenades does not take into account things that may be broken.


  • Crashing issues with the radar overlay have been fixed on some maps (cs agency), which were caused by loading the radar texture in the incorrect dxt format.
  • The logo and name of P2C have been removed from the watermark.
  • A bug that prevented users from activating the blurred watermark background option has been fixed.
  • The issue with the standalone RCS being quiet has been fixed.
  • Adjustments have been made to the space in the Keybind widgets (
  • A fix for the mouse delta has been included, as well as a bypass for the community server side AC.
  • When flash reduction is turned off, do not replace the flashMaxAlpha variable (From osiris).

How to use Sakara Legit CSGO Hack

  1. Download the cheat from the link provided below.
  2. After that, all you need to do is download the injector from the website.
  3. Now, insert the sakra.dll file into the game, and have fun with the hack!