Roblox Shrek in the Backrooms Script

Shrek in the Backrooms Script | Nuke All, Items & More 2023

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Shrek in the Backrooms Script Pastebin Script Download:

After clicking the blue download hack button down below, please wait for the countdown period to finish before launching the Shrek in the Backrooms Pastebin Script. If you want to stop the countdown early, click and wait until it reads.

You can find the script in a box labelled pastebin on the cheatbin website you’re sent to after clicking the Download Hack button again. The information may be downloaded or copied directly. Then, if you want to utilise the cheat, go on to the further steps down below.


  • Bomber
  • Get X Of Items
  • Disable Nuke
  • Remove All Except
  • Auto Nuke
  • Auto Fix Light
  • Door Aura
  • And Many More

Instructions for the Shrek in the Backrooms Script –

If you follow these instructions, using the Shrek in the Backrooms Script will be a breeze. Follow the procedures below using a Roblox executor of your choice (free or paid).

  1. Get the roblox script from below.
  2. Right now, you should be at the game.
  3. Also, get any Roblox executor from our website
  4. Launch the game and sit tight.
  5. To inject, please press the button immediately.
  6. Please be patient for a few moments.
  7. Copy the script, then click the Execute Script button in the Executor.
  8. Repeat the 5-second-to-10-second delay.
  9. Continue playing and have fun!