Soft Aim Fortnite Download PC Free | ESP, Aimbot & More 2024

Fortnite SoftAim Hack Free Download 2024

Hello everyone, I am back with another amazing Free Fortnite hacks, As well know Fortnite has been played by a lot of hackers lately, Many people in the game are hacking, and using stuff like ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil.

So, It has become really hard to compete against players these days in Fortnite. So today I am here with the best new free hack for Fortnite.

Many of you know about a hack called Soft Aim which is really popular in Fortnite and it’s paid we all know that. But due to the recent fight between the two developers of the Soft Aim Fortnite hack, One of them decided to leak the source code of the hack.

So here we are again on the same road, One of our folks got hands on the code 4u4play. He is one of the most popular developers of Fortnite, apex hacks and he has been providing all these hacks for free.

Note, I just added a new working FN hacks it’s not Project X the topic is old I don’t want to make a new topic so I added the new hack link here So you guys can download it.

Softaim fortniteHack Info

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Soft Aim Hack Fortnite Features

  • Fortnite Esp Hack
  • Fortnite Aimbot Hack
  • Fortnite No Recoil Hack
  • Fortnite Spoofer free
  • Fortnite Soft Aim Hack

How Does Softaim work in Fortnite?

Soft Aim is a hack that works like aimbot but it’s not aimbot hovers near your enemy but never snaps onto your enemy target so it’s practically undetected to the naked eye. SoftAim Targets Fortnite memory and modifies values to achieve the soft aim so that you can hack the game without getting ban. The cheat has an inbuilt anti-cheat bypass that will help you to stay undetected while cheating. 

How to get soft aim fortnite?

All you need is a brain and a PC that is able to run fortnite. Then you can download out soft aim fortnite hack from below and read the instructions to use it and you are good to go. Enjoy your free soft aim hack for fortnite. 

Soft aim Fortnite download ps4?

There is soft aim for ps4 on the internet so please don’t fall for scams like that, Cheats usually work on PC. No one makes free hacks for pss4. So don’t download anything from youtube telling about Fortnite cheats you can get scammed. 

Soft Aim Fortnite Hack Instructions

  1. Disable antivirus.
  2. Turn on discord with an overlay on.
  3. Load drivers first that are given in the download link. (run as admin to make sure drivers are successfully loaded).
  4. Now run the game.
  5. Run the hack as admin in the lobby. (make sure the game is in windows fullscreen mode).
  6. The cheat will not inject, Menu will popup Enjoy.


Everyone is aware that Fortnite features a robust anti-cheat mechanism. As a result, we recommend that you do not use a cheat on your main account. Create a new account and utilise hacks on it. Softaim is a free Fortnite hack that includes all of the necessary tools for dominating the game. We strongly advise you to download and utilise the hack.

The cheat exe file is a third-party injectable file. As a result, Windows Defender may issue a false alert. But don’t be concerned; it’s not a virus. You can execute the file.

SoftAim Fortnite Hotkeys

  • Press F1 to Enable SOFTAIM
  • Press F2 to Enable ESP
  • Press F3 to Enable NO RECOIL
  • Press F4 to Enable NOSPREAD

Download Fortnite SoftAim Hack for free

Tired of losing again and over? This hack will alter your playing style. Fortnite is not a simple game. There are several skilled gamers who dominate the lobby. So, if you want to win, use our cheats. You can download from the button below.

This hack is free to download and use. You can use these cheats without any issues or ban.