final fantasy 14 all hero unlock

All the main ways to upgrade your hero in Final Fantasy 14, which are available to players during gameplay

FF 14 is considered one of the most important projects in the MMO RPG genre, which offers players many mechanics that will appeal to all fans of online leveling and cooperative gameplay.

This is a unique project, the history of which began more than 20 years ago with the console version, which developed separately from all other game genres, but soon the developers from Square Enix launched a version for all platforms, including PC, which gradually moved to MMO RPG format.

You will be able to choose your class, with which you will explore the active world and complete quests that will tell you the main story and plot, which will be studied for more than 100 hours and explored by all players.

The gameplay will especially appeal to old fans of the series, who will recognize many of the heroes and learn the ending of their destinies.

You will complete quests, go hunting, learn professions, or simply enjoy the gameplay and travel through the territories.

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Quests and tasks from NPCs

From the moment you select a character, the game will begin for you through the quest system, as the best and most stable way to level up in Final Fantasy.

You will be given orders to kill monsters and send messages, which will bring you experience and gradually teach you the main game mechanics, and at the same time you will monitor all the dialogues from your hero using the avatar you created.

Quest tasks will provide the most experience and gil, but this value can be further increased.

The fact is that in the world of Final Fantasy, there is not only a storyline – many local NPCs will wait for you to contact them in order to provide assistance and receive rewards for this.

Of course, such secondary quests do not always have a good and stable reward, but if you manage to take on all the quests that can be completed in the same location with the main storyline and bring a lot of experience for FF 14 boosting, gil and resources for crafting.

Carefully check the general location where the quest is being completed and the reward that is offered for completing it.

Particularly valuable will be tasks with endless goals, where for each quest item you will be offered a reward. This way you can get a lot of experience, or gil.

In general, you will receive three types of experience and rewards – from the main quests, secondary quests and from all the monsters killed in the process.


During your gameplay, FATE can begin at any moment – a special temporary event in which special monsters attack the game world at a random point and all players who come to fight them will receive an increased increase in boosting in Final Fantasy 14 and gil.

Since there will be a lot of competition when killing monsters, experience will be divided according to the principle of damage dealt, where the total health of the boss is divided among players according to the damage he inflicted.

Therefore, it doesn’t even make sense for supports without a full-fledged group to fly in on FATE, because they simply will not overcome the damage of attacking classes.

The attacking heroes themselves need to either find areas where there are the least amount of players and competition, or just rush into the thick of things and just deal as many massive attacks as possible if they have good power and damage.

When the last monster is destroyed, the event will be completed and all players will be able to continue their gameplay and inspect the trophies received in the process.


You can come to literally any location that suits your level to start leveling up and extracting various resources that can be sold, or use them to master the profession system and create items for your hero, or for sale to other artisans.

In parallel with hunting in locations, you can interact with the factions that surround them in order to, in addition to destroying monsters, also complete their tasks in order to increase the level of trust with them and unlock new rewards.

You can hunt alone, destroying monsters with regular blows and attacks, or with mass skills, killing many enemies at once.

You can play alone, or assemble a full-fledged group with a tank and a healer, which will collect a large number of monsters and destroy them en masse, gaining a large amount of experience and gil, as well as resources, which, although they will be divided among all players, but due to the destruction of a large the number of enemies this number will be greater than if you hunt alone.


In Final Fantasy, raids play an important role both for gaining experience and for rewards.

Firstly, each raid has requirements for the strength of weapons and armor to enter it, but the rewards will also include stronger items and, of course, experience.

The advantage to the experience is that each boss is a strengthened version of the monster and the reward will be much greater, and since there will be three such bosses, the boost in FF 14 will also be noticeable.

Raids come in several difficulty levels, and when you complete the normal versions, you can unlock Heroic and Mythic difficulty levels. The final raid will have especially valuable rewards that have a legendary level of quality and enhanced weapon and armor parameters, but the drop rate will depend solely on luck.

You need to assemble or join a full-fledged group, which will include a tank and a healer, but you should immediately take into account that the tactics for each enemy require separate study and action so that you can clear each of them.

The best strategy is to keep the boss in the center of the map, so that each player has space to move closer and further away from the boss in case of activation of special attacks, each of which is different.