Valheim ESP Hack Free

Valheim ESP Hack Free | GodMode, Ghost, NoClip & More 2023

Hello Cheaters, Today I am here with a new hack for a trending game called Valheim. This game is getting popular day by day, So I thought of posting a free hack for valheim. This hack has many good features like valheim esp, aimbot, god mode, unlimited stamina, and more.

This free hack is currently new in the market, so it’s fully undetected, So I will suggest each and every one of you use it as much as you can.

Valheim HackInfo
VersionWorks with latest version of the game.

Features of Valheim ESP Hack

ESP Hack

  • Enemies ESP
  • Item ESP
  • Snapline ESP
  • Distance ESP

Player Hack

  • Godmode
  • Give all the Boss Powers [Range increased to give it to other players too]
  • GhostMode
  • Debug Fly
  • No Cost Mode
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Loot Magnet
  • Unlock DLC
  • Run-Swim speed modifier
  • Jump height modifier
  • Interact distance modifier
  • Noclip
  • FOV Changer

Spawn Hack

  • Spawn Cheat Sword
  • Spawn Fire Sword
  • Custom spawner [use prefabs dump]
  • Spawn just 1 or hold the “Spawn” button down for nonstop spawns.

Inventory Hack

  • Carry more weight up to 10000
  • More Inventory slots 8 instead of 4
  • Instant Craft


  • Ghost Kill [will kill everyone near you]
  • You can see the full map
  • 22 different Environments

Steps to use (OLD)

1. Start Valheim2. Open “smi_gui.exe” in the “SharpMonoInjector-WH0” folder3. In the Injector window click on the 3 small points to select an “Assembly to Inject “4. Choose “ValHack.dll”.Make sure:   – Namespace is: ValHack   – Class Name is: Loader   – Method Name is: Load5. Once you opened Valheim click on “Refresh” 6. To get the Process ID of Valheim but DO NOT HIT “INJECT” YET.7. Join/start a server or make a new one and make sure you are in-game and can move.8. Now Hit “Inject” 9. Happy Hacking!

How to open the Menu (OLD)

  • Hit the “INSERT” button on your keyboard to open the menu.
  • Now Hit “INSERT” again to close it.
  • ATTENTION: I Didn’t find a fix to hide the mouse cursor of Valheim after closing the menu yet.
  • I will fix it in the next update! To be able to move again just hit “ESC” / “Escape” once and you are good to go.

Update Logs: 01/10/2021

– Teleport to any player added.

– Spawn grey dwarfs on player (troll feature).

– Box and HP bar added.

– Many new features.

– Gpu Load reduced, More FPS.

New Instructions to use Valheim Hack

1. Copy-Paste all the files in the “Required files” folder to the directory:


2. Do this, or you won’t see any cheat menu in the game.

3. If the game is updated, all the cheat files will be replaced, So all you have to do is redo the same process.

Download Valheim FREE Hack 2023