hacks 2022 Hacks 2022 | Unlimited Ammo, Aimbot, Esp (Download)

I am here with the most awaited cheat called hacks 2022. These hacks are free to download and use and it has features like esp, aimbot, unlimited ammo, speed hack and more. Our hacks are fully undetected and won’t get you ban in the game. is an online shooter in which you compete in an arena against actual gamers from all around the world. There are a variety of weaponry to pick from, like the Scar, Shotgun, Tec-9, and even a Sniper rifle! You must locate and capture the green regions on the map before your opponents do.

Features of Hacks

Here are a few features of hacks

  • ESP
  • Aimbot
  • Speedhack
  • Nametags
  • Jump
  • Other

Instructions for Tampermoney Script?

  1. Download hack from below.
  2. Now download and install tampermonkey.
  3. Copy-Paste the script in tampermonkey.
  4. Enjoy your free hacks.

Keep in mind that installing Tampermonkey is important as the script wont run without the chrome/mozilla extension.


  • Ş-Aimbot on-off
  • Ö-speed on-off
  • İ-jump on-off
  • Ü-Esp on-off
  • ;ĞÇ-Other on-off

Download Tampermonkey Cheat Free Hack Script 2022