59 Chinese Apps Banned in India, Including Mobile Legends, Tiktok and others

Mobile Legends banned in India, Tiktok Banned in India, Clash of Kings Banned in India

tiktok banned in india

Hello everyone how are you all, I am just here with sad news for you all that many of the best games and apps that were made by China are now banned in India. This news was today announced by the Ministry of Information Technology of India.

Nearly 59 Chinese apps are banned in India because the government wants to ensure the safety of Indian cyberspace.
The point is this is really a sad day for Mobile Legends users. I surely loved mobile legends. I really liked it, I know many of the Indian gamers might be sad as well after hearing this news and I know there will be still ways to play the game.
But in my opinion, they banned Chinese apps for good. I am really happy with the decision, to be honest. I hope everybody is having a great time this year XD.

BIG BREAKING: Indian Govt bans 59 Chinese apps, including Tik-Tok. Full list: pic.twitter.com/QR1dpRPln5

— Shiv Aroor (@ShivAroor) June 29, 2020

The thing is it was confirmed by the GOVT, these apps were really harmful to all of you because China was stealing all your information including pin codes, bank account numbers, passwords etc.
Are you an ML player? Don’t worry League of Legends Wildrift is on its way. I am sure you guys will love an original rather than playing a clone.

Here is a list of banned apps in India:

list of banned chinese apps
I hope everyone is having a good day, Stay safe and keep loving 🙂