Banana Shooter Hack – Fly Cheat, Magic Bullet, No Friction

The Banana Shooter Hack, which was last updated on 04/08/2023. Developed by p1wOt offers features such, as Magic Bullet, No Friction and Fly Cheat. It aims to enhance the gaming experience by bringing a perspective to the game.

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Banana Shooter Game Info

In this multiplayer battle game called Banana Shooter you assume the role of Dave. A character with a liking for bananas. To earn bananas in the game you need to defeat players named Dave. The game features a variety of cards. Rewards players with coins, for defeating enemies. Additionally there are options to increase your speed and blood volume limit.

Features of Banana Shooter Cheat PC

The Banana Shooter Hack includes features;

  1. Slow Bullet
    • This feature, located at line 13, in the code and can be modified using dnspy allows you to adjust the speed of bullets.
  2. No Friction
    • By activating this feature you can remove the friction on the floor allowing for movement.
  3. Infinite Jump
    • Enabling this cheat gives you the ability to continuously fly by holding down the spacebar.
  4. Magic Bullet
    • With this feature activated you can. Eliminate players from any location on the map.
  5. Infinite Glow
    • After eliminating an opponent their glow effect will persist indefinitely.
  6. No Recoil
    • Upon firing your weapon this feature eliminates any recoil or kickback normally experienced.
  7. Force WR Any %
    • To achieve a score, in the shooting range leaderboard simply shoot once. Check your ranking.
  8. Kill While
    • Even after your character has died you can keep shooting and eliminate players.
  9. Clantag
    • This functionality allows you to display a clantag on your profile tab.

Installing the Banana Shooter Hack

Here are the steps to follow;

  1. Get the Hack

Get the Banana Shooter Hack by clicking on the provided link.

  1. Make sure you have MelonLoader

Make sure you have MelonLoader installed for Banana Shooter.

  1. Start the Game

Start the game and exit once it finishes loading.

  1. Install the Hack

Put the file in your game directorys Mods folder.

  1. Have Fun, with the Hack

The cheat has been successfully installed. Enjoy!

In summary using Banana Shooter Hack aims to enhance your gaming experience. Its important to be aware of the risks associated with cheats. Game responsibly. Enjoy!