Cheat Genshin Impact Korepi

Free Hack Genshin Impact v4.0.1 | KOREPI Free Cheat Latest

Use the KOREPI Free Hack to advance in your Genshin Impact experience. This unique trick, influenced by Strigger, provides you with a wide variety of tools to help you succeed in the game.

What’s up, fellas, this Free Cheat Genshin Impact KOREPI Free Hack includes some cool, one-of-a-kind hacking features for Genshin Impact. You can download and use this cheat for free from gamingforecast.

This free genshin impact hack was creted by Strigger, and as you can see from the pictures, it has all the free features you need, Also the hack is fully undetected.

Starting with KOREPI Free Hack for Genshin Impact

Get the most recent binaries from the releases page. HoYoKProtect.dll must be placed in the same directory as injector.exe. Start the game and interface by launching injector.exe and selecting either GenshinImpact.exe or YuanShen.exe. When you press TAB, Korepi’s graphical user interface loads.

Features of Genshin Impact KOREPI Free Hack

The Genshin KOREPI Free Hack comes packed with a host of unique features. The list includes:

  • General: Protection Bypass, In-Game GUI, Hotkeys, and Notifications.
  • Player: God Mode, Attack Modifier, No Cooldown, Unlimited Stamina, and No Clip.
  • World: Auto features like Seelie, Loot, Tree Farm, Talk, Cook, Fish, and more, as well as GameSpeed adjustments and enemy manipulation.
  • Teleport: To the nearest Chest/Oculi, marked location on the map, or through a custom list.
  • Visuals: ESP, Interactive Map, No Fog, FPS Unlock, Camera Zoom, Chest Indicator, Custom Weather, and more.
  • Debugging: Entities Manager, Position Info, FPS Graph, Packet Sniffer.

How to use Genshin Impact Free Cheat 2023?

  1. First download the Genshin Impact Hack from below.
  2. Ensure that injector.exe and HoYoKProtect.dll are located in the same directory.
  3. Get injector.exe up and running.
  4. Once the login window has shown up, click the F1 key to launch the Korepi graphical user interface.
  5. Enjoy your free cheat.

Bug Reporting and Contributing

Should you encounter a bug, write down what happened and your initial thoughts on the cause. If the bug is reproducible, detail the process and the version you are using. To report it, simply open an issue.


The Genshin Impact experience may be completely altered with the use of the KOREPI Free Hack. This easy-to-operate hack tool offers a wide variety of options designed to improve many facets of the game. Why hold off? Use the KOREPI Free Hack today to expedite your travels through Teyvat. Browse this section of our site for other Free Genshin Impact Cheats and Hacks.