Future of Gaming 2019? Cloud Gaming What We Know and What to Expect?

What is the future of gaming?

cloud gaming working

When someone wonders about what the future of Gaming is going to be, they need not look too far to notice that cloud gaming is going to be the way to go. while the name ‘cloud gaming’ has been buzzing in the tech industry for quite some time now, we have never been closer to it becoming a mainstream reality with major players like Microsoft, Sony, Google, and Nvidia gearing up to push this technology to consumers.

Of course, any company that has invested in the development of could gaming would be more eager to be the first on the planet and judging from the news and speculations, the stakes are sky-high, but this can only mean good news for those who are waiting to get their hands on this cutting edge technology. So today we will have a look at whatever we know and can expect about existing and upcoming cloud gaming developments by big and small names of the industry.

SONY: PS4 Remote Play

sony ps4 remote play
image: sony

Sony’s PS4 Remote Play is as convenient as it gets. It is a service that lets users stream their Playstation 4 library, remotely using a variety of devices and control it using the DualShock 4 controller. PS4 and an internet connection of speed higher than 15 Mbps are required. Supported devices include PCs, iPhone, iPads, and Android smartphones from the company’s own lineup, the Xperias.

Microsoft: Project xCloud

project xCloud

The other big name when it comes to gaming is also set to launch their cloud gaming service, named Project xCloud this year. Users will be able to access Xbox games on all the platforms. This project will use Xboxes as the core hardware enabling them to play games remotely. This will rival Sony’s Remote Play. We have more information about xCloud on our website here.

Google: Stadia

google stadia
image: Forbes

Perhaps the most popular cloud gaming platform which was announced by the search engine giant, earlier this year. Stadia is google’s take on cloud gaming. You will need an internet connection of 30 Mbps to game at 4k 60 fps. Google has promised that at launch, stadia will support desktops, laptops, tablets, and pixel smartphones. Stadia has been called ‘ Netflix for Gaming.’ That should give you an idea of why google’s cloud gaming platform is everything to be excited for. Stadia will go on floors in November 2019 in some countries.

Nvidia: GeForce Now

Nvidia geforce now
image: Nvidia

Albeit still in Beta, Nvidia’s GeForce Now is another cloud gaming platform. GeForce Now lets users paly the latest games released on Battle.net, Steam, and Uplay. It is pretty similar to what Stadia Strives to be. The stream quality is maxed at 1080p, but most of the latest AAA titles are available. The GeForceNow is free to try while it is still in Beta.

SONY: PlayStation Now

sony playstation now

Sony’s PlayStation Now enables Streaming games to a PC or a Playstation. It has a library of over 750 games from PS4, PS2, and PS3. The most significant limitation of PlayStation is that the matches can be streamed at only 720p. Still, it is a pretty compelling and functional platform.

Other options available and upcoming include Shadow by Blade, AWS’s Parsec, Steam link by Valve, and some more. The development of Cloud gaming platforms means that gamers will not have to have an expensive gaming rig or a console that burns a hole in their pocket and also, no more waiting while massive games download. The future is here, it’s just that it is most of it is saved on the cloud.

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