Roblox Haunted Halloween Obby Script

Roblox Haunted Halloween Obby Script | Instant Win & More

Are you looking for an instant win and free UGC limited items in Haunted Halloween Obby on Roblox? I recently discovered some amazing Haunted Halloween Obby scripts and Pastebin codes that helped me cheat and easily win the game.

In this article, I will share my experience using these Haunted Halloween Obby scripts and provide an overview of their features. Keep in mind that these hacks are fully free and functional. If the cheats are not working, I suggest you ask us to update them on our discord server.

Introduction to Haunted Halloween Obby Scripts

Haunted Halloween Obby scripts allow you to skip through obstacles automatically, get instant wins, avoid AFK kick out, speed up movement, and more. With the help of these scripts, you can earn unlimited rewards while playing Haunted Halloween Obby on Roblox.

I tested a few Haunted Halloween Obby scripts and Pastebin codes from different developers and found some amazing cheats that worked flawlessly. Below, I have shared the key features these scripts provided during my gameplay.

Key Features of Haunted Halloween Obby Scripts

  • Auto Obby – This feature automatically teleported me past all the obstacles and checkpoints. It saved me from manually completing the Obby races.
  • Instant Win – With the instant win mode, I could directly win the round without actually playing it. Very useful cheat!
  • Anti-AFK – The anti-AFK feature prevented me from getting kicked out for being away from the keyboard for too long.
  • Remove Time Hold – I could instantly collect items without any countdown after pressing the E button. This allowed faster item collection.
  • Server Hop – I could easily switch servers using the server hop function and find one with more rewards.
  • Speed/Jump Hack – With this, I could increase movement speed and jump power for faster obstacle clearing.

Roblox Haunted Halloween Obby Pastebin Script


Make sure to copy the script exactly as it is presented in the code box. Any omissions or errors, in the copying process may lead to errors being shown in the Roblox console.

Script Haunted Halloween Obby Free UGC


We suggest utilizing the Valyse or Vega X executors, which are free of charge, to execute these scripts.

Haunted Halloween Obby SCRIPT

How I Used Haunted Halloween Obby Hack

Using these Haunted Halloween Obby scripts was very simple:

  1. I copied the script code from pastebin for the desired hack
  2. Opened the Haunted Halloween Obby game on Roblox
  3. Executed the script code using my exploit (I used Fluxus)
  4. The selected cheat features got activated and I could use them!

The auto lobby and instant win functions were my favorites, allowing me to complete the game without effort. The anti-AFK and item collection hacks were also super useful.

With these working Haunted Halloween Obby scripts, I could earn unlimited event rewards repeatedly by replaying rounds. I also got free UGC limited items, which was the best part.

Use the latest exploit, like Fluxus or Vega X, to run the scripts smoothly without errors. Also, use freshly updated scripts for best results, as Roblox patches old ones regularly.


Using Haunted Halloween Obby cheat scripts can be a game changer if you want to earn rewards fast in this game. The features they provide, like an auto-win, speed hacks, anti-AFK, etc., are extremely beneficial.

I had a great time testing out and using these Haunted Halloween Obby scripts and Pastebin codes to get free items and consistently win. Let me know in the comments if you try any working scripts for this event! I’d be happy to check them out.

  • Krnl Executor
  • Valyse Executor
  • Fluxus Executor
  • JJ Spoilt Executor
  • Arceus X for Android